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Corey Lewis
@JakeDVirus graphql isnt a database, it's an alternative to REST database queries, you can use graphql with sql or NoSQL databases
Hi , everyone

I got a question please, I have built a react application with MongoDB. In the structure of my project I have 2 folders one is for the Front-end and the other for Backend. In order for me to see the actual result, I run nodemon server.js within the backend folder, and then I run on the project level npm start. My application is working perfectly.

My question to you guys, Would I face any issue if I deploy my project to Netlify ?

Hi everyone! I have just finished building my VueJS (frontend) and Strapi (backend) project... In two main folders, "frontend", and "backend", each with their own NodeJS / yarn configurations. I am completely stuck trying to deploy it on cPanel with Namecheap... Currently, the Vue part runs on localhost:8080, and Strapi on localhost:1337; I have no idea what these URLs become once on the server?

hi guys,
i code website using laravel,
i set up mysql is my first database, mongodb is my second database
my .env:

and i query builder, i get this error:
i have fixed everything i can, please help me

HI , i want to duplicate entitis but in same time i want to know the original entity of duplicated entities , does Someone have any idea ? thx :)
Has anybody tried to download the git repository Xuggler at https://github.com/artclarke/xuggle-xuggler? I installed MinGW to be able to configure and compile xuggler. When I followed the INSTALL Readme file, I was able to do "./configure", but am still unable to execute the "make" command on the makeFile without getting an error. Also, I got the "make" command by Chocolatey if that is of any good information. But my error is of the following:
Makefile:813: /c/Users/NICK/Desktop/XugglerFolder/xuggle-xuggler/mk/Makefile.global: No such file or directory
make: * No rule to make target '/c/Users/NICK/Desktop/XugglerFolder/xuggle-xuggler/mk/Makefile.global'. Stop.
FYI I created the "XugglerFolder" in which the "xuggle-xuggler" repos folder is in. So what exactly does the error mean and how do I fix it? Thanks
hey great community
any one can help ??
when i go for change password he tell me Failed to Change Password !!
  // Check whether the Submit Button is Clicked or not
    //echo "Cliked";
    //1. Get the Data From Form
    $current_password = md5($_POST['current_password']);
    $new_password =md5($_POST['new_password']);
    $confirm_password  = md5($_POST['confirm_password']);
    //2.Check whether the user with current id and password exist or not
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl_admin WHERE id=$id AND password='$current_password'";
    // Execute the Query
    $res = mysqli_query($conn,$sql);
      //Check whether data is avilable or not
      $count = mysqli_num_rows($res);
        //User Exist and Password Can be Changed
        //echo "User Found";
        //Check whether the new password and confirm match or not
          //Update the Password
          //echo "Password Match";
          $sql2 = "UPDATE tbl_admin SET passowrd = '$new_password' WHERE id=$id";
          //Execute the Query
          $res2 = mysqli_query($conn, $sql2);
          //Check whether the query executed or not
            //Display Succes Message
            //Redirect to MNG Admin Page with Success Message
            $_SESSION['change-pwd'] = "<div class='success'>Password Changed Successfully.</div>";
            //Redirect the User
            //Display Erorr Message
            //Redirect to MNG Admin Page with Erorr Message
            $_SESSION['change-pwd'] = "<div class='error'>Failed to Change Password.</div>";
            //Redirect the User
          //Redirect to MNG Admin Page with Erorr Message
          $_SESSION['pwd-not-match'] = "<div class='error'>Password Did Not Match.</div>";
          //Redirect the User
        //User Does not Exist Set Message and Redirect
        $_SESSION['user-not-found'] = "<div class='error'>User Not Found.</div>";
        //Redirect the User

    //3. Check whether the New Password and Confirm Password Match or Not

    //4. Change Password if all above is true


Rok Z
@MohameddAli error in UPDATE tbl_admin SET passowrd
-> password
hello everyone
i'm new here pls i have a problem about my coding
can someone help me out pls pls
Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier 'tittle' has already been declared
Vanessa Correia
not entirely sure without a snippet of code to look at, @rajirashed2010 , but if I had to guess, there must be a variable in our code that you are reusing. something along these lines:
let name = "a"

let name = "b"
let name = "b"

SyntaxError: Identifier 'name' has already been declared
thanks @wordlesspirate not that ma.
@wordlesspirate pls how can i sent my code to you so u can play around it together please
Vanessa Correia
if it is not too long of a piece of code, i would say you can paste here. just make sure to use quotations code inside so your code formats into a snippet, makes it a little easier to read.
quotations i mean these: ```. at the start and end of your code block.
guys anyone has experience with apache tomcat !
John Melody Me

Hey guys I use cheerio to scrape this table but it return nothing. Did I somehow did wrong ?

<table class="table trackTable">
                                <th colspan="4">Consignment No: MY37011088606</th>
                            <th>Consignment No</th>
                            <th>Date &amp; Time</th>
                                    <td>03/07/2020 14:58:43</td>



and my code was

$ = cheerio.load(response['data']);


            $('.table#trackTable').each((index, element) => {
                if (index === 0) return (true);


Any idea ? is the naming of the selctor wrong?

in the browser i did

$(".table > tbody:nth-child(2)").each(function(i,item) { console.log(item.innerText) });

and it return something , but cheerio doesn't

2 replies
Hi guys !
Anybody here to support me on one task
If user inputs an email for example@gmail.com , I would like to force the user not to add any extra letters after the .com
is there a way to do this please?
1 reply
schawnnara jiri
need help
What websites do you guys develop code in? I use repl.it unless I am working with webpages, then I use codepen. Repl.it always seems to have server issues and I seem to loose work often due to frequent down times
Tunde Oretade
hi guys. I need help. I have this Api that I am trying to consume: https://torre.bio/api/bios/ and I usually get this error Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://torre.bio/api/bios/john' from origin 'http://localhost:3000' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. on close investigation at the network tab I found out that any time I hit the above url I am being redirected to https://bio.torre.co/api/bios. Which seems to show that I may need a proxy server backend to handle access to this url. I have searched and nothing comes close to a solution. A stackoverflow respose "https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70114502/access-to-xmlhttprequest-at-from-origin-http-localhost4200-has-been-bloc " is a close answer but it was implemented with .Net. My app codebase is in react and I need help on setting up a proxy server to consume the API above. Thanks.
Nicolas Ramirez
Hey everyone! I would like to get deep knowledge of nodejs and backend concepts. I have been working as a software dev for a 5 years already, but mostly focusing on frontend. Can you give me some hints on what I need to know to become a really good backend/nodejs developer?
Dan Stockham
@kamatheuska the best thing I can suggest is getting an understanding how the http web server frameworks for nodejs work and getting comfortable building things with them
@kamatheuska NodeSchool is a good place to start but FCC has a pretty good course that immerses you enough that you can start building things efficiently
@tundeiness It is very possible that the api you're trying to reach doesn't allow for http or unsecured connections (hence, your localhost instance is unsecure)
Dan Stockham
@tundeiness Either I would find way to put your local instances on port 443 which means self-signing a certificate or setup a secure backend server that acts as a façade to your api you're trying to consume.
Chris Cullen
Hi Guys.
Wondering how to take variable set by Ajax in functions.php and use it as an argument in my page.php onclick function
Tunde Oretade

@tundeiness Either I would find way to put your local instances on port 443 which means self-signing a certificate or setup a secure backend server that acts as a façade to your api you're trying to consume.

true. Solved it.

Hi all, has anyone handled an exception with a template language? I'm using Freemarker, and my goal is to handle a null exception if there is no image to be rendered. However, I don't know what I'd return if it is null -- should I create a statement, "No image provided?"
Nevermind, I didn't realize I should do nothing in response.

Hi all , please i have a question about the Iterative implementation of Binary Search

This is the function i create in c:

int BinarySearch(int arr[], int l, int r, int x) { while(l <= r) { int mid = l + (r - l) / 2; printf("%d\n", mid); if(arr[mid] == x) return mid; if(arr[mid] > x) r = mid - 1; else l = mid + 1; } return -1; }

This is my main function :

int main() { int arr[] = {1,2,3,5,16,15,20}; int n = sizeof(arr) / sizeof(arr[0]); int x = 16; int result = BinarySearch(arr, 0, n-1, x); (result == -1) // WE CALL THIS ternary operator. ? printf("Element is not present in array") : printf("Element is present at index %d", result); return 0; }

The question is: when i search 16 the function return -1.
If you see the number 16 is on the list any help please ??

Stephen James
Your algorithm depends on a sorted array and 15 is out of order
Thanks for your replay
Anyone refactor .jsp to .hbs here?
UDP packets are confusing! How can I turn the raw data into readable / usable ?
Tapesh Patel

Hi, I have a question,
How to add watchlist/wishlist item to MongoDB using nodejs and react js?

Please the link for details description:
Thanks a million for the help

Mantas Matūzas
Hello, does anyone know methods/approaches on how to make the ability for customers to extend system functionality by its custom code? It's an ERP product with its default logic but we want to make the ability for customers to extend logic using their own code.