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@melkisedek Are you there?
Melkisedek Hamakali
@JohnnyBizzel I am still here. The thing is, it worked like that before. I will revert it to demonstrate.
@JohnnyBizzel Reverted the code. It's bound to the DOM via const svg = d3 .select("body") .append("svg") .attr("width", svg_width) .attr("height", svg_height);.
Then why is nothing rendering?
Melkisedek Hamakali
@JohnnyBizzel Please view it again.
@JohnnyBizzel or refresh page
Melkisedek Hamakali
@JohnnyBizzel Hello?
Can't figure it out. Long time since I did d3
Melkisedek Hamakali
d3 is horrible.
You get either everything in place or nothing
Very hard when you are looking at someone else's code
Melkisedek Hamakali
Is there an alternative you would recommend?
To what?
What is the chart meant to show?
Looks reversed
y is NaN
How are you calculating y for the bars?
Melkisedek Hamakali
It should look similar to this and should use data from here
I don't know. I can't work out what values you are using for Y *the bar heights
The calculation is returning NaN
Good luck with it!
Melkisedek Hamakali
The dataset.data array is made up of pair of elements , a date string and a gdp value. [['1995-03-01',1232424],......]
Melkisedek Hamakali
@JohnnyBizzel I'll stop here for today. Good day/night.
Lorenzo Gamboa GarcĂ­a
High I made this slider js library! https://github.com/Lorengamboa/SMSlider
id like some review :L
@Lorengamboa You say it is light but on glitch it uses 178 Mb! :joy:
glitch full.png
Robert Friedman
Hey, does anyone have any suggestions for making eco minded charts on things such as plastic consumption, forest removal, animal well being? Thanks
@robfr77 wauw! That sounds like a good idea! Data could be found for free in some places. Try Kaggle? Ask also at the Data Science room? I would be happy to help you go that track.
Chris Cullen


    for( var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++){
       var next = arr[(i+1)%len];

         diff = (values[arr[i]] - next );
          date += values[arr[i]];

Why is next here going back to the start of the array once its finished?
how can I make it end at the end

everyone doing good?
@123xylem Problem found with one of your plugins: https://spicyimthai.com/
Fabrizzio Petrucci
Hi, I think I need a bit of help with the scatter plot data viz project
I have been trying for some hours already but I can't see why I'm failing the "The data-yvalue and its corresponding dot should align with the corresponding point/value on the y-axis" test
even though the graph looks okay
please ignore the missing legend
I don't like asking for help, but I can't find any other way :(
Vishwas Meshram
is this room active?
I am unable to pass the test#6 of TreeMap project.
"The area of each tile should correspond to the data-value amount: tiles with a larger data-value should have a bigger area."
does anybody know why my d: drive full of lock icons in folders and files, and i cannot copy file to my d: drive, and i cannot delete any files in d: drive, my computer has c: and d: drive, my system is xubuntu 18.04, thanks
Joseph Morse
@c0d0er Linux doesn't use C: or D: drive designations, but that said, it sounds like your "d: drive" may have user/group permissions set in such a way that doesn't allow your user account to write to it. you can use the chown command to change ownership, https://linux.die.net/man/1/chown. But please be careful, this can have unexpected side effects if something else on you system needs permissions for those file. If you need to adjust read/write permissions as well there is the chmod command https://www.howtogeek.com/437958/how-to-use-the-chmod-command-on-linux/
Christopher McCormack
Hello! If you are new here and want to join the conversation, please head over to the freeCodeCamp Discord channel! https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/freecodecamp-discord-chat-room-server/