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Jun 2018
Jun 29 2018 00:43
QUestion about making Grid Template Areas: Do I have to give each section/area class designations if I’m using semantic HTML5 tags?
The MDN docs show how Grid Template Areas would work without semantic tags:
Barbara Pentoney
Jun 29 2018 05:07
@Feldbot yes, i saw this under another question i have is the last 4 advanced projects...where can i get the user stories for each of those projects. yes, i see the name of them and have an idea of what they want but they always have 'user stories' that have to be fulfilled....thanks in advanced...barb
Jun 29 2018 05:14
Anyone wanna help me with my project? I’ve tried approaching a problem I’m having with css in this project from different angles, but I keep running into different problems with pretty much the same part (the pricing section). This is the product landing page project, btw:
Lisa Copeland
Jun 29 2018 05:15
does anybody know how to use cookies to persist a user's identity?
Ali Bulut
Jun 29 2018 06:19
@lisacopeland you will remember me etc ?
Remember me, you will do the feature ?
Pavel Tsurbeleu
Jun 29 2018 06:47
@lisacopeland in a nutshell it is as simple as document.cookie = “username=johndoe”... but practical application may be slightly more involved, can you give more context or details about yours?
Manjunath G
Jun 29 2018 07:21

Hi Guys,

In trying to control slider using range slider value, i was able to do it but not successful enough to get it done

this is what i have tried so far :

Lisa Copeland
Jun 29 2018 14:53
@ali27001 Thank you - I worked it out
Jun 29 2018 18:42
in video tutorials they teach like basic html css and js
but in reality it is not web development
they teach like 50 percent of web development
for example when you finish basic html css you think that you know html and css but actually you don't because when it comes to creating pure html and css projects you stuck in there
and then you relize that you have to master one suject in depth and start learning a language and libraries
Jun 29 2018 18:46


  • I am using kendo grid.
  • in my grid there are so many columns, if i change the value in one checkbox its affecting the first column Checkbox.
  • can you guys tell me how to fix it.
  • providing my code below.
  • I debugged and found out, happening due to this line dataItem.set('checkedOutUserId', ""); in the below method.
  • whole code I am pasting in gist since the file is big, rlevant code alone I am putting it below

$('#kgrid').on('click', '#foulFlagCheck', function () {
    that.isSaveDisableGrid = false;

    var checked = $(this).is(':checked');
    let grid = that.gridkendo.getGrid();
    var dataItem = grid.dataItem($(this).closest('tr'));
    dataItem.dirty = true;
    dataItem.set("dirty", true);
   //dataItem.set('checkedOutUserId', "");
   dataItem.checkedOutUserId = null;

    grid.lockedTable.find("tr[data-uid='" + dataItem.uid + "'] td #foulFlagCheck").attr('checked', checked);
    grid.table.find("tr[data-uid='" + dataItem.uid + "'] td #foulFlagCheck").attr('checked', checked);
    dataItem.operationType = "Update";
    if (checked) {
        dataItem.isDataUpdated = true;
        dataItem.foul = "Y";
    else {
        dataItem.isDataUpdated = false;
        dataItem.foul = "N";

    if (!(dataItem.updateflag != undefined && dataItem.updateflag == true)) {

        dataItem.updateflag = true;



    field: "foul", title: "foul", editable: true, width: 65, aggregates: ["count"], groupHeaderTemplate: "foul: #= value # (#= count# item(s))",
    //filterable: that.gridkendo.getAutoFilter("contains"),
    template: function foulFunc(foul) {
        return that.foulCheckBox(foul, that);
    filterable: false,
    attributes: {
        class: "#: (checkedOutUserId !== undefined && checkedOutUserId !== null && checkedOutUserId !== '') ? 'rowDisabled' : ''#"

private foulCheckBox(type: any, that: any) {
    let value;
    if (type.foul == "N" || type.foul == null || type.foul == undefined || type.foul == " " || type.foul == "") {
        value = '<input type="checkbox" id ="foulFlagCheck"  class="checkBox" />';
    } else if (type.foul == "Y") {
        value = '<input type="checkbox" id ="foulFlagCheck" checked="checked" class="checkBox" />';
    return value;
Next gigi hadid💁
Jun 29 2018 19:01
hi guys im working in project and they stress on us to work faster i thought i had time to learn i could learned html,5+css +applied visual design , now we need template for medical website , anyone can recommend ?
Next gigi hadid💁
Jun 29 2018 19:08
i finished 113 challenges at the FreeCodeCamp
Eric Weiss
Jun 29 2018 20:39
@1Droka_twitter take as much time as you need...
Jun 29 2018 21:16
Help help, gulp build set all of the css for my documentation project back to default. Im using webstorm on osx and I don't see it in the Local History. I have the window open in chrome but when I try to view the main.css file it shows me the local version that does not contain a days worth of code. Any ideas How I can get this back?
How can i obtain that css out of chrome? Any ideas?
Jun 29 2018 21:21
found it. I was freaking out.
Jun 29 2018 23:49
is it legal to embed videos from youtube?
i mean to your website
own website in general
Christopher McCormack
Jun 29 2018 23:56
@newtothat Youtube provides an embed code just for that