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Jun 2018
Jun 30 2018 07:31
Anyone who can help with this test? confused testLink
Jun 30 2018 08:28
@chenjacky131 your code works for me. Maybe try to refresh the browser cache?
abraham anak agung
Jun 30 2018 08:50
Hi all, how to put script tag inside code tag ? like React CDN Links
I try it but nothing is show in codepen
Jun 30 2018 10:37
@cmccormack so do i have to ask permission the owner of video?
Ion Varsescu
Jun 30 2018 11:58
hello, I've just finnished my "technical documentation page" in the responsive web section. I have a question about it. when viewed on a smaller width, the top navigation bar has a scrollbar on the right. in my project, the smaller I make the screen, the more this scrollbar moves relative to the window right edge. In the example code, the scrollbar on the right is always next to window's right edge. this is my project : and this is the example project made by freecodecamp: . aslo, any other feedbak is welcomed.