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Aug 2018
Aug 15 2018 03:33
Does anyone have a job -- something you don't have time to do -- that I could fill in for, for a reference?
Aug 15 2018 04:19
Anybody in online ?
Dhaval Vira
Aug 15 2018 04:20
Aug 15 2018 04:21
Anybody know how to parse large amount of json and put it in the dataTable (jquery plugin)
I already parse the json and included in datatable, But it took 30 - 35 seconds to load and display
I want to load it in quick time , Any idea ! Appreciated . Thanks in advance.
Claudio Restifo
Aug 15 2018 04:24
How big of a data we are talking here?
more than 5k? 10k?
Aug 15 2018 04:24
hot damn, 30-35 seconds if all the data is on you client-side is terrible
either the data is huge or your how your parsing the data is bad
or both
Tiago Correia
Aug 15 2018 09:42
better ask for smaller chunks of data each time no?
Aug 15 2018 09:49
Hi guys One last look before I submit the project : comments welcomed. Thanks.
Aug 15 2018 10:57
seems all fine @tundeiness
Hu everyone, i have made this project
it works fine when u play the game slowly, but when you click rapidly 3 cards, then it doesn't works properly
any way to solve this?
Aug 15 2018 11:11
@shivendrarox One way to solve this would be making the click event stop while animation is playing.
Aug 15 2018 11:13
how should i do that @ezioda004 ??
Aug 15 2018 11:16
@shivendrarox Initialize a variable say let animationDone = true;
Use it in the event delegation condition like this if(!($(this).attr("class").includes("open show")) && animationDone)
And inside else if(i%2===0 && !(openCards[i-1]==openCards[i-2])) set it to false, after that in the same setTimeouts callback function set it to true (as last statement).
Aug 15 2018 12:08
i've made the changes @ezioda004 , you meant like this right?
it works perfectly now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 15 2018 12:12
@shivendrarox Yeah like that, and awesome :sparkles:
Theres 1 issue, when all the card matches, the popup appears before the animation of last match is might wanna use setTimeout for that animation to finish first and then show the popup/model.
Revaz Nakhutsrishvili
Aug 15 2018 12:16
@shivendrarox and one more thing... restart button doesn't do anything.
Aug 15 2018 12:21
thanks for pointing those out @rezionfire @ezioda004 !
Aug 15 2018 12:54
Aug 15 2018 13:26
@shivendrarox Yeah that looks better!
Morchid Chellali
Aug 15 2018 14:03
@shivendrarox, nice interface. I played one game and won. :)
Corey Lewis
Aug 15 2018 16:33
@shivendrarox nice, I like it!
Naveen Sharma
Aug 15 2018 17:12
hey guys i need your help i want to make my iframe responsive according to the screen size but when the screen reaches on the 677 px content area of iframe starts hiding
here is the project link -
Barbara Pentoney
Aug 15 2018 17:19
Morchid Chellali @Morched23MJ....hi looking at your pen, try building it w flexbox. google or search for flexbox forms tutorials. there is some good info there...hope that helps!
Aug 15 2018 17:30 tons of programming books here. go check it out
Morchid Chellali
Aug 15 2018 18:39
@flyfishingbarbara, hey. Thank you. I figured it out, using media queries, you can check it now. I'm on another project, the Product Landing page.
I've got a navbar, and I need to know how to vertically align a div (with id: nav-links). I used: vertical-align: middle, and it does not work.
Here is the pen:
Tiago Correia
Aug 15 2018 19:03
@Morched23MJ seems you got it?
either way on the parent div you can use display:flex
just one way of doing it
Morchid Chellali
Aug 15 2018 19:56
@tiagocorreiaalmeida, I see. Thanks. (I just fixed dimensions, it appears that they're centered.)
Morchid Chellali
Aug 15 2018 23:21
I forgot about a website I had for icons. Anyone could suggest me one? I need a menu icon.
Christopher McCormack
Aug 15 2018 23:25
@Morched23MJ fontawesome?
Morchid Chellali
Aug 15 2018 23:28
Exactly. Thanks! :D @cmccormack