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Oct 2018
Oct 11 2018 15:47
Anyone currently on?
Oct 11 2018 16:56
@MWBauer nope :trollface:
AJ Brommy
Oct 11 2018 19:00
i'm here for the evening, dunno if i'm much help tho lol
Can someone please explain, what do I have to do in this Challenge ?
Oct 11 2018 20:52
@mananshah51 Hey, you need to map through the arr and get the result same as in the comment.
Manan Shah
Oct 11 2018 21:18
@ezioda004 Thank you so much.
I somewhat Figured it out.
Manan Shah
Oct 11 2018 21:25
@ezioda004 ```
var SpaceShuttle = function(targetPlanet){
  this.targetPlanet = targetPlanet;
var zeus = new SpaceShuttle('Jupiter');
What about this code? What is this code doing? Can you please explain.
Oct 11 2018 21:27
@mananshah51 making a new object instance from the "class" SpaceShuttle
with the attribute targetPlanet being passed as a constructor argument.
Oct 11 2018 21:27
@mananshah51 SpaceShuttle is a function constructor, new SpaceShuttle('Jupiter');is creating a new instance object from SpaceShuttle. Think of SpaceShuttle as a class (not really a class but kinda class)
Oct 11 2018 21:30
Good evening,
I am just in the sass challenges for fcc, but I can't figure out why my code doesn't get accepted.
I'll post my challenge here.
I forgot can anyone else except me see my source code for this particular challenge?
Fabien SHAN
Oct 11 2018 23:51
@bradley1492 No, it is cached on your computer I believe. Post your code here wrapped with three backticks (```) before and after your code