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Oct 2018
Oct 14 2018 11:37 UTC
Hey guys! I know that I can do this without defining "beginning" and "end" variable and just simply type it inside the unshift and push method, but could you tell me why it doesn't work?
function mixedNumbers(arr) {
  // change code below this line
    let beginning = 'I', 2, 'three';
    let end = 7, 'VIII', 9;
  // change code above this line
  return arr;

// do not change code below this line
console.log(mixedNumbers(['IV', 5, 'six']));
is it because I can't store strings and numbers inside the same variable?
Bjorn van de Peut
Oct 14 2018 11:48 UTC
@TCzechowski It is because you're trying to pass invalid code. Both your beginning and end variables are invalid. Remember that an array looks like this: [ .. ]. Instead, you're just trying to pass an invalid string to them
So for example, beginning should be: let beginning = ['I', 2, 'three'];
Oct 14 2018 11:57 UTC

Hello everybody

I am currenty working on a website, where it has inbuild bootstrap.
I want to change a container to container-fluid, which is something that comes by default from bootstrap.
My html wont go fluid, because of that container

Ivan Ngundela
Oct 14 2018 12:13 UTC
hello everyone… may you please help me with my project … at OUR BRANDS section a want to vertically align the logos….
Thanks in advance
currently I’ve just added the grey background color to make shure I get the logos vertically centered ...
Bjorn van de Peut
Oct 14 2018 12:37 UTC
@ingundela Could you at least stop the scrolling? It makes it pretty much impossible to check the source and try some solutions
Oct 14 2018 14:51 UTC
Can someone help me guys
Oct 14 2018 15:04 UTC
Hey everyone
I was curious. I'm working on a readme for a git project and I was curious if an <a href> anchor could house git commands?
@mustimuu What's up?
Oct 14 2018 15:07 UTC
@MWBauer my media-queries wont work
Oct 14 2018 15:07 UTC
What are you attempting?
Oct 14 2018 15:07 UTC
im working with an after:element but the moment i use mediaqueries it takes the after element to the large screen, even though i defined it for let say 991px
Oct 14 2018 15:07 UTC
Ok. Sadly you're above me. I can't help.
Oct 14 2018 15:30 UTC
Hi. is there anybody familiar with the Marked.js?
Oct 14 2018 16:05 UTC
can someone help me ?
i want a banner that takes 100% of the webpage and responsiv
Oct 14 2018 17:37 UTC
You're above me too. But there is always Google.
Oct 14 2018 18:07 UTC
@mustimuu height: 100vh; makes the banner the height of the visible viewport
Oct 14 2018 18:28 UTC
@alpox thank you
guys i want my container to go full width, but some other inbuild bootstrap is doing so i cant go full container-fluid
Oct 14 2018 21:24 UTC
@mustimuu This is one way to use Bootstrap to have an element take up 100% of the page while remaining responsive