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Oct 2018
Oct 15 2018 14:34 UTC
if you learn a programming language and it changes or its library. How do you keep yourself updated? Once you learned something how long can you use it and how big are the changes usually to the technology that you have learned?
Victor Popescu
Oct 15 2018 14:47 UTC
@Lia-Sue-Kim that's a good question. I say, learn to code and learn to find information, do not learn a library/framework only. A library can come and go, but a programming language it stays longer
Libraries and frameworks are made to help you do things faster
But they are not a replacement for a programming language
you need them both, but if you lack knowledge of a framework/library you can do things just with a programming language
AJ Brommy
Oct 15 2018 16:55 UTC
Usually the organisation notes all its changes and updates etc. so for example if php make an update, all the details will be on the php website when it happens. So basically in that sense i would say "go to the source" :) that is one way to keep updated, if in fact you did ask "if you learn a programming language and it changes" "how do you keep yourself updated?". It's rare that a change will take place so bad that it will be like starting again, so don't panic. And that is usually in it's infancy.