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Oct 2018
Spyrantis Theodoros
Oct 17 2018 16:04
First time i made a responsive navbar. for a project in freecodecamp. Can you guys give me some feed back on how good it is please?
obviously i'll change the styling colors etc
Oct 17 2018 16:13
@thodorisanta its better I think to have a menu that collapses on a small screen vs having the buttons below the logo/title
think of that on a phone
it will take half the screen
Spyrantis Theodoros
Oct 17 2018 16:16
@moT01 i know. but im trying to follow and practice on making an exact copy of the example project.
Oct 17 2018 16:17
that makes for good practice
Daniel Slatkin
Oct 17 2018 23:16
Hey all... Anybody here particularly knowledgeable about position: sticky?
I'm having an issue with it not working the way I would expect on mobile (and perfectly fine on desktop)
The main issue is that on desktop, sticky works as expected
On mobile (enable dev tools then simulate mobile... resizing the window doesn't reproduce) sticky only works when you're entirely zoomed out of the page