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Oct 2018
Oct 27 2018 01:09 UTC
in this I have to write complete Path for Image, only images/apple-mac-new.jpg is not working in background
please help me
Oct 27 2018 01:14 UTC
@dhavalveera Don't load image urls with absolute paths, use relative paths or anything else
Oct 27 2018 01:14 UTC
what is relative paths & absolute paths ?
Oct 27 2018 10:54 UTC
can I expect solution over this ?
Dany Din
Oct 27 2018 10:55 UTC
why it's not working?
val =  {
2        id:0,
3        imageLink:"",
4        altText:"A white cat wearing a green helmet shaped melon on its head. ",
5        codeNames:[ "Juggernaut", "Mrs. Wallace", "Buttercup"]
6      }
7    Object.keys(val)
Oct 27 2018 12:06 UTC
@danydin please elaborate more about what behavior you are expecting from this code, its working just fine
Geoff George
Oct 27 2018 19:19 UTC
Hey, all. Working on the Product Landing Page challenge right now, and having a small CSS problem that I could use a hint with. Here's the Codepen:
Anyone know how I can disappear some of the space between my headers and my paragraphs in the "features" area above the video?
Geoff George
Oct 27 2018 19:26 UTC
Nevermind! Solved it.