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Oct 2018
Spyrantis Theodoros
Oct 31 2018 09:20
really silly question but, by learning bootstrap, should i learn every class to use? I mean lets say i wanna make a carousel of images. Its pretty easy to do it while taking the code from the bootstrap courses and change it a bit mayne to turn it into what i want. But do i have to learn it all and write it on my own? Cause there are alot of bootstrap classes and i dont know if i should :/
Victor Popescu
Oct 31 2018 09:26
@thodorisanta learn to do what bootstrap is doing, or learn the classes to use?
@thodorisanta if you decide to use entire bootstrap framework in your application, then yes, you should at least learn what you can do with the framework to avoid doing something in CSS that bootstrap already offers. But, for example, if you use only the grid or the carousel from bootstrap, then you can download only those classes and learn only those.
Spyrantis Theodoros
Oct 31 2018 15:35
@VicPopescu I mean i wanna learn bootstrap but i dont know if i have to learn every class in my brain or to just know the utilities of bootstrap and then look online for the classes that i need
Christopher McCormack
Oct 31 2018 16:06
@thodorisanta looking online is probably the best way to do it, if they update their API you need to know, and nobody is expected to memorize all of that.
some stuff you will pick up quickly, like the margin/padding/grid helpers
other stuff is more complicated, like Nav
Oct 31 2018 20:55
Hi guys, I was wondering if there was a way to call a less class with a parameter
so something like thissched_mgmt_info_type('@red')
then the stylesheet have something like this:
&_type(@color) {
      font-size: 2rem;
      color: @color;