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Dec 2018
Corey Lewis
Dec 07 2018 00:13
you could just use flex without bootstrap with
.parent {
    display: flex;
    flex-flow: row wrap;
    justify-content: center;
Victor Popescu
Dec 07 2018 07:13
@cursiv3 bootstrap already has those classes
Dec 07 2018 10:55
Hello everyone!
Dec 07 2018 14:32

Hello @cursiv3 thanks for your reply.
But wouldn't this equal this example I built, I am giving the navbar-brand, wich is a parent of the imgelement the display: flex;property.

But still my logo doesn't center in responsive mode.

I hope it's clear, that I want my navbar to be right aligned in responsive as in fullscreen mode.

Here's the example:

Dec 07 2018 14:41

I may try and formulate the same question on a more theoretic approach.

If a flex container arranges five flex-items, how would I arrange flex-item number three differently, if I want all the others to be arranged by the parent flex-container?

I hope the question is somewhat clear :)

Dec 07 2018 15:55
@bradley1492 align-self
Dec 07 2018 16:08
@ehutchllew many thanks, this second I stumbled upon it. I just need to read css-tricks more carefully. :)
Dec 07 2018 18:13
@bradley1492 Hello Christopher. When you mean responsive mode you mean mobile/small size screens? If you looking to center the image. Go to the navbar class (div below container-fluid class)and change the align-items-end to align-items-center. Hope this helps.
@cursiv3 Yes Corey you can use CSS with or without bootstrap. From what I see most sites seem to add additional CSS to bootstrap to customize the layout.
Dec 07 2018 19:49
@Stevegolden12 many thanks for the tips. I think I was looking for the align-self property, which I didn't really know before. I was looking for a way to let one flex item break out of the defined behaviour from the flex-container.
Jonathan Cunanan
Dec 07 2018 22:26
Anyone tried pdf creation with signature drawing? How / what tools did you use to achieve this? Thanks!
Been seeing pdf libraries for a while now