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Dec 2018
Dec 11 2018 03:01
@bradley1492 The reason why the ul is not expanding is that the nav containing it was at a smaller width. So: nav{width:100%}
Dec 11 2018 03:21
@siliconchild I dont think that'd work
The max value before JS numbers start overflowing is:
Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER; // 9007199254740991
(Math.pow(10,16) - 1); // 10000000000000000
One way to resolve this would be using string instead of a number.
Dec 11 2018 15:11
@Stevegolden12 Many thanks for the nav tip :)
Jim Montgomery
Dec 11 2018 18:15
@bradtaniguchi I was hoping the fetches would internally all be handled via a single http request (in the case of all idempotent/non-POST-methods). It appears I need to abstract this away myself as it's not internal to the browser/spec/etc? The previous sample was: Promise.all[fetch('/'),fetch('/'),fetch('/')]).then(console.log) which again I was expecting as a single-request
Dec 11 2018 18:48
@jimmielemontgomery Not sure if you mean tto tag me, but there is no such thing as a "single-HTTP-request" for multiple fetches. Each fetch = a request. The Promise.all is used to have a callback execute once ALL of the fetchs are resolved (or one errors out)
sorry not callback, but rather promise is resolved/rejected
But that is a layer of abstraction above how the actual http-requests are sent/build
Jim Montgomery
Dec 11 2018 19:00
Yes thanks Brad @bradtaniguchi, I was responding to your response of several days ago and see the 1-1 relationship now.
Dec 11 2018 19:02
@jimmielemontgomery Ah yes, I have a tough time thinking that far back :P. And good good glad you figured it out :D