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David Weedmark
put the h1 in a separate div with a new class, then add this css to the class:
.test {
      background: #022835;
     margin: 0 -24px;
use the background color there instead of in the h1 class and it will solve the issue
the negative margin expands the row.
I also noticed that if you add a new row, it is automatically resized to be more narrow than the rows above it. I wonder if you're using a class or id name that boostrap uses for this type of styling?
Alexei Bazhenov
@DavidWeedmark interesting, ill look into it, thank you!!
abazhenov sends brownie points to @davidweedmark :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 323 | @davidweedmark | http://www.freecodecamp.com/davidweedmark
http://codepen.io/rush86999/pen/QyJMPo just posting again until someone takes a look at it
David Weedmark
@rush86999 was looking but your code is a bit much for me sorry. hopefully someone with much more experience can help you decipher it
@DavidWeedmark i can explain the process maybe that might help
ask me the line you are confused and i’ll explain the model and structure
everything starts at the click in jquery and press function gets called from there depending on what is pressed gets sent to the approriate function and the store which is the model gets changed
Bruce Young
@rush86999 console says…
TypeError: Calculator.press is not a function. (In 'Calculator.press('clear')', 'Calculator.press' is undefined)
@mutantspore how are you doing this? i am not getting anything? is this in a console or something i don’t know how to use that?
i defined funtion press() {} an all the code starts from there
is there a tool that i can use to follow the code somehow to see where the problem is?
Bruce Young
@rush86999 the browser development console. right click the calculator and select something like “inspect element” and then you’ll get a bunch o ftabs .. “console” wil be one of them . depends on your browser
@rush86999 FCC keeps adding stuff.. I noticed in the last few days they have added a section in the Map about Chrome dev tools. it’s near the end.
@mutantspore okay i looked at it and says undefined but i did define it. it’s in the scope? doesn’t make sense?
the spelling of the object is wrong in the console as well such as “Uncaught ReferenceError: Calul is not defined
pen.js:385 Uncaught ReferenceError: Caluculator is not defined"
Bruce Young
@rush86999 yes you defind a funtion called press inside a function called caluclator but then I think you are “talking to it as though it was a prototype of Calculator.
prototype i thought was for the parent class
this is within the class itself
@mutantspore any good articles you might know on this topic?
Bruce Young
@rush86999 ok a more general comment… you have a ton of code . When did this break? I can’t understand how you can have so much and the thing breaks on teh very first line in the assigning of click events. you need to go back and just do a small bit at a time and see how that works. Use console.log() to send stuff to the console so you can see what is happening. Make a new pen and just do the min to see progress and build from there.
@mutantspore okay thanks i’ll try that
rush86999 sends brownie points to @mutantspore :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 1119 | @mutantspore | http://www.freecodecamp.com/mutantspore
Hi all, I'm having trouble with a bit of CSS
Adam Camacho
Thanks @GregatGit and @Pandarati, I just got back from seeing Deadpool at the theater, it was really cool! As far as FCC, I did really like the new material they added, especially on objects, I was a bit weak on that, and with the new material, I feel more comfortable with them.
adancode sends brownie points to @gregatgit and @pandarati :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 348 | @gregatgit | http://www.freecodecamp.com/gregatgit
:star: 370 | @pandarati | http://www.freecodecamp.com/pandarati
hey guys in full page view, the background image is cutting off
like the bottom half of that image doesn't show in full page view
can someone help me with this?
@max77p I'll have a look
@max77p Could you explain the problem a little clearer sorry, I'm not sure what you mean
@monkora actually think i am on to something, but still cant figure it out why.. basically, the background image for the first page "home" is not showing the entire image if i put fixed...but shows full image if i put cover...if i put contain the entire image dissappears
wondering why that is so
I'm having trouble replicating.
I see you have cover now, that seems to be working.
@monkora yea i played around with it, think i kind of get it...but ok while i have your attention...if you scroll the window to the right there is a little white space
do you see that?
how do i get rid of that
vertically when i scroll there is no white space...but horizontally on far right there is
@monkora seems like the width of pages don't align with the navbar
@max77p I don't think there is a "fixed" setting for background-size. Contain will shrink the background until it fits inside the div, cover will stretch it until it covers the whole div while keeping the proporitions.