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Luong Van Vinh
test code
test code
test code
how to add code into tag? everybody help me
Gordon Davidescu
also, damnit, the win detection is not always working
use ```
wait, what? code into tag?
right, so then enter then and control enter once the code is in between
``` makes whatever is in between it look like ^
Luong Van Vinh
@gordondavidescu thank you very much
lvhero sends brownie points to @gordondavidescu :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 380 | @gordondavidescu | http://www.freecodecamp.com/gordondavidescu
Luong Van Vinh
@gordondavidescu i am sorry i write English not good.
Gordon Davidescu
ok, can someone help me figure out why the computer win detection is not working for everything
you're welcome @lvhero
Gordon Davidescu
still can't figure out why when a couple of moves have been made, suddenly square six is unclickable
Noah Wilkie
when i use the thumbnail component on my image i get really wide white bars on the sides of the image
Jeremy Roe
Would anyone have a moment to QA my weather zipline? http://codepen.io/jeremyroe/full/qbzVRO/
Maulik Darji
@jeremyroe nice :+1:
@jeremyroe the temperature is about 14 degrees faherenheit low to me. but, that's just open weather map's inaccuracy. so i think it's fine. the only thing i might change is to make it more obvious how to switch between f and c
Jeremy Roe
Ok Thanks @qualitymanifest
jeremyroe sends brownie points to @qualitymanifest :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 1010 | @qualitymanifest | http://www.freecodecamp.com/qualitymanifest
Jeremy Roe
Thanks also @maulikdarji
jeremyroe sends brownie points to @maulikdarji :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 511 | @maulikdarji | http://www.freecodecamp.com/maulikdarji
Chris Davis
just noticed that you can use emmet features, same used in sublime text for code shortcuts in the editor. Sweet!
ul.class1>li*5 then press tab, produces...
<ul class="class1">
Chris Davis

do you guys stagger your html, like this...

<a href="#">
    Some Link

<button class="btn">

or do you keep it inline?

<a href="#">Some Link</a>

<button class="btn">Like</button>
I keep it inline if the content is short, otherwise I use line breaks
(Sorry for reposting; didn't get a response before) For the Twitch API, why is my array only printing the last array item inside the $.getJSON function?
 for (i = 0; i < streamers.length; i++) {
    var currentStreamer = streamers[i];
    console.log(currentStreamer); //prints list of all streamers

    $.getJSON(endpointURL + streamers[i], function(json) {
      var isStreaming = json.stream;
      console.log(currentStreamer); //prints list of only last streamer in array

      if (isStreaming) {
        var streamer = json.stream.channel.name,
          streamTitle = json.stream.channel.status,
          streamImage = json.image,
          game = json.stream.game;
          //do stuff
Joshua McKenzie
I've been looking over this for about an hour now. Cant seem to understand why it's not displaying. Any tips? Thanks
 if(navigator.geolocation) {
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
  var lat = position.coords.latitude;
  var lon = position.coords.longitude;

 } else {
   document.getElementbyId("city").innerHTML = "Either you did not allow your browser to ping your location or this browser is not supported.";
var loadWeather = function(lat,lon){
var api = "&APPID=7d764d9a5887edcac1258090cce472a8";
var apiurl = "http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather&lat="+lat+"&lon="+lon+api;
    type: GET,
    url: apiurl,
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    success: function(json){
could you link your pen
Joshua McKenzie
is my pen corrupted?
Maulik Darji
@metaljacke1 try checking the generated api url, by alert or printing it somewhere on the page
@metaljacke1 it returns invalid API key
{"cod":401, "message": "Invalid API key. Please see http://openweathermap.org/faq#error401 for more info."}
Joshua McKenzie
Well its the right api key according to openweather
maybe they blocked for a couple of mins since it's a free api?
Maulik Darji
try reseting the key
Joshua McKenzie
Ok I just reset and copy pasted
still nothing.
Im gonna call it a night.
3am here.
Thanks for trying @maulikdarji
metaljacke1 sends brownie points to @maulikdarji :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles: