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Patrick Black
@tenkdayz More creepy, yes, but easier as far as the end user goes
@tenkdayz But that's not the issue. The issue is the weather API call doesn't seem to be working
Alex Coder
  function getLocation() {
    if ( navigator.geolocation ) {
      navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition( showPosition );
    } else {
        $("data").html("<h4> Geolocation is not supported by this browser. </h4>");
  }//getLocation() end    

function showPosition( position ) {
    $("data").html( "<h4>Latitude: " + position.coords.latitude + 
                "<br>Longitude: " + position.coords.longitude + "<h4>"; )
receive syntax error: missing ) after argument list
I am looking for some help with subtraction on the calculator app
sorry @pprzytula , I had logged out
I overhauled the entire thing, it was too messy having 3 columns
Paweł Przytuła
I've been thinking about flow around an image
in the middle
@jkid314159 what is $("data")? class or id or something else?
Can I get a push in the right direction with subtracting numbers
@jkid314159 and ; after <h4>
@jkid314159 remove ; after </h4> tag
Alex Coder
@Guru89 id
  <div id="data">
    <h4>You are here:</h4>
@jkid314159 then it should start with $("#data")
link me your code pen
Nikolay Neykov
People, I need some feedback
Alex Coder
@Guru89 in JSFiddle
was that to me @pprzytula ? "i've been thinking about flow around an image"
Paweł Przytuła
@Protsac yes, but doesn't matter anymore since you have redesigned all
yeah. I still need that though
I don't really know what I want anyway. I'm just fiddling around with the code and see whether I learn something from it lol
Paweł Przytuła
just like me
Alex Coder
@Guru89 thank you
@jkid314159 have found the solution as i don't anything wrong in ur code.
why isn't it centered? :|
css is so weird somethimes
Michael Karpinski
how can I make my canClick variable work so that I can only click after the animation plays? and how can I add audio? using audio.play() messes up my code
Robert Uivarosi
@Protsac tf is <!--- A partir daqui, quero separar em colunas: uma para a Mosca, outra para o texto, outra para o programa actual. Mas tem que parecer fluido.---> an html comment doing in your CSS ?
@Protsac everything within your style tags should go in the CSS section
@URobert that's actually for me to remember what I'm doing :P
I have no idea what to use that css for anyway, to I just use it as a place to write my plans
Hi folks. Just started my wiki search page. Trying to get intput from the input field into a variable... but it does not happen. can anybody point out my error please? http://codepen.io/ElvisTheStriker/pen/JXBVgg
Michael Karpinski
@ElvisTheStriker have you tried using JQuery? it makes these things so much easier
@ElvisTheStriker anyway, your issue is that you declare the variable right on document ready, so no matter what you type the variable will always be empty
I might be wrong but I think you need to tie getting the string to the event. Right now it will look for the string when the document loads, but it will always be empty. I'd say add a button and use a "click" event. Also, it's way easier to do this with jQuery.
Michael Karpinski
@ElvisTheStriker what you need to do is make a keydown function that tests if the keyCode is 13. if it is 13, then make inputTxt equal to your input field
Was wondering if someone could help me with my Twitch app... right now it doesn't always load all the channels off the API, mainly because it has to get a lot of information and it's too slow. The html gets all the information but I can only get it to show on the page if I do a search. What's the best way way to improve it? http://codepen.io/galliani/pen/PNBBjV
Landon Simmons
a bit stuck on making thumbnails for portfiolo website
thanks @karpimpski .I'll check out your suggestions
elvisthestriker sends brownie points to @karpimpski :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star: 344 | @karpimpski | http://www.freecodecamp.com/karpimpski