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do you understand what i mean?
@juw3lstar Sorry, I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you trying to make your Home Introduction Projects Contact more centered vertically?
no, more horizontally, they are already centered vertically.
there is different space between the top of the text and the top-border and the bottom of the text and the bottom border
although i have the same padding/margin on top/bottom
it's because you have added a max width of / max-height: 74px; /

Not sure if your found your answer. You have filters in place on your codepen.

if (data.status===422 ){ 
  // your dead channels
} else if( data. stream ) { 
  // your online channels 
} else { 
  // your offline channels

This is currently filtering your online, offline and dead channels.

i only applied that to head-page
remove this and your parent (in this case head-page) will be as large as it's children
@juw3lstar or you can change your .name css to padding: 10px;
lol the obvious shit fml thanks @JonKaric thanks @Belax8
juw3lstar sends brownie points to @jonkaric and @belax8 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:warning: could not find receiver for jonkaric
:cookie: 407 | @belax8 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/belax8
@juw3lstar I agree! That's the worst. It happens to me all the time!
good lord that was obvious... what a shame! whatever i guess that happens
Well you learn from mistakes so the more mistakes you make the more youll learn :)
That's one thing I like about programming. It's almost encouraged to make mistakes!!
Cameron Burkholder
I already submitted the codepen for my weather app, but when I went to go add more style to it, it said that the webpage no longer exists and gave me a 404 error. I tried going to my profile, and my pens, but I got the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?
@Cameron-Burkholder Sorry, but no. I've never heard of that happening.
hey do you think its possible to access the 8 in the array[803]...
the digits are taken from a json file.... and I want to create an if statement based on the first digit of the code like
if (array[0]===8){*do this}
Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 2.05.12 PM.png
also you can see how I am trying to access the associated key to the id property on codepen
@tommygebru if you want all the 800 numbers you could say if(getData.weather[0].id > 799 && getData.weather[0].id < 900)

Tomorrow 2pm Netherlands nodeschool JS stream at twitch.tv

join one of the nodeschool-organisers (NL) in a stream for a top down space shoot 'm up game or a parallax multi layer image thing, all vanilla JS. Also questions about nodeschool trainings will be answered.


Christian Rodier
Welcome @crodier1
Christian Rodier
I am working on building a portfolio page. I know I can use API and libraries as a resource, but I don't know what an API is.
Could you explain what that is?
You shouldn't need an API for your portfolio page. Basically an API is how you get data from another site or server. For your portfolio page, you will have to create your own 'content' or info about yourself.
Mois├ęs Man
basic html and css is enough for portfolio
once u learn more.. u can always go back and modify
Jared Abel
anyone want to help me out with some React?
Christian Rodier
thanks that helps
Marc Vesper
for the random quote machine project, is it intended that you host your quotes somewhere, set-up a JSON API, and then somehow call it with jQuery from codepen?
@marcvesper I have seen people make it two ways. 1-Make an array of quotes and randomly select a quote from your own list. 2-Find a service that provides an API to quotes. So I think you can do it however you want. They aren't very specific in the rules, so I think anything goes.
Marc Vesper
(or can i get away with specifically putting a JS array full of quotes right into codep... ah, i can, ty @Belax8 :) )
marcvesper sends brownie points to @belax8 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 408 | @belax8 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/belax8
I've got a Bootstrap question. I have a col-md-8 and col-md-4 lined up horizontally. I had text in the left column (8) and a photo in the right (4). Everything was perfect until I tried swapping them (so the photo is on the left. I placed the col-md-4 first then the col-md-8. Now they stack vertically for some reason. Tips on what to check to fix? (Reverting back lays out just fine)
Kenzo Mendoza
Hello all
Not asking for help or anything but more on criticism:
besides changing the buttons on the calculator, what else do you guys suggest I should improve on?
Karolina Kluz
@Neotriz Hello. I wonder can you do something to prevent user from imputing multiple symbols like "------" or "**"
Ethan Rose
I'm trying to make a "facebook post" button on my random quote generator, I just made a twitter one that can prefill the tweet field with the quote..
is it not possible to do that on facebook?
I'm looking all over and can't find how to prefill a post to facebook
Kenzo Mendoza
@karolinaKluz thanks! That's something I forgot to debug :)
neotriz sends brownie points to @karolinakluz :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 184 | @karolinakluz |http://www.freecodecamp.com/karolinakluz
Adam Urberg
@aidansven It looks like Facebook disabled that...
Ken Haduch
@karolinaKluz - I don't think that you can control what the users type, you would have to filter it when you are handling the input - for example, in a calculator (I'm guessing here) you would have to check the most recent character entered, and if it was a special character like you are asking about, just toss the next incoming character.
although maybe you were not asking that question for yourself, but for the calculator posted above (which I haven't looked at yet.) Anyway...