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that does not look nice :D
Hello guys I don't understand why my toggle button does not work on codepen http://codepen.io/laurendvu/pen/PzbqPG?editors=1100
it should work, the code is definitely write but when i shrank the window and I hit the toggle button the menu doesnt show up :(
Another quick question when doing the weather app project. Can write the Javascript(Jquery)code first and then do the HTML/Bootstrap?
@flindip you can but I think it's better to have it at the end for speed reasons :)
@Laurendv gotcha. I just wanna learn the new stuff first and then refresh on the old stuff
@Laurendv thanks
flindip sends brownie points to @laurendv :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 279 | @laurendv |http://www.freecodecamp.com/laurendv
@flindip no bother, you won't need a whole lot of html / bootstrap anyway :p I did it recently and I think the main difficulty resides in the js :)
Ken Haduch
@Laurendv - you need to include jquery.js and bootstrap.js in the JS external resources list. And they have to be added in that order.
John Doe
https://codepen.io/CodingKaz/pen/ZOpqVN here is my tribute page. It was confusing I had to look at example code att times. whatever gets me to code right?
Huy Nguyen Thuong
hi guys i have a problem im doing random quote machine and if inside the quote have semicolon it will be cut off when i tweet. Can anyone help? Here is my code

$("#twitter").on("click", function() {
      var quoteText = data.quoteText;
      var twitter = "https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=" + quoteText + " " + "-" + " " + data.quoteAuthor;
      window.open(twitter, "twitter");
@khaduch thanks I thought so I first, but I thought as well that including bootstrap through de parameters was enough, so it got me confused :P thanks a lot
laurendv sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Francesco Mungari
I tried to center them myself and like @ohiosierra said...still nothing...here's the result :/
Taylor Morgan
@Francesco-Mungari when I add the line I told you to your CSS, it works instantly
list-style-position: inside;
Francesco Mungari
To the css! I thought I had to add it to the html ^^"
Taylor Morgan
yes so in the future, when you see curly braces { } you aren't dealing with HTML anymore
Francesco Mungari
@ohiosierra Thanks again, and sorry for the mistake :D I didn't see the curly braces before tho.
francesco-mungari sends brownie points to @ohiosierra :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:warning: francesco-mungari already gave ohiosierra points
Karolina Kluz
@Francesco-Mungari why are you using align=center? Maybe you could try another ways to center? https://css-tricks.com/centering-css-complete-guide/
Francesco Mungari
@karolinaKluz Thanks :)
francesco-mungari sends brownie points to @karolinakluz :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 320 | @karolinakluz |http://www.freecodecamp.com/karolinakluz
Taylor Morgan
Gee maybe in the future I should ask who you are building a tribute page for, first
Sophia Brandt
@NguyenThuongHuy can you post the complete pen so we can debug it? ATM I can't see why it doesn't work.
Francesco Mungari
I was bored and GTAV was just in front of me...I guess it was kinda automatic xD
John Doe
Marc Immediato
Morning all.
John Doe
Marc Immediato
Wanted to get some opinions on my portfolio project. https://codepen.io/immediato/full/XKKyWd/
Sorin Ruse
@marcimmediato not bad but on a scroll of the mouse i can see actually all of the page. there is no "transition" between "pages"
@codingisfun11 image isn't responsive. add img-responsive class to img
Marc Immediato
@sorinr I wanted a one page site. Not 100% sure what you mean
Taylor Morgan
@marcimmediato I think he means usually on one page sites, you add spacing so that only one section at a time is on the screen and they almost seem like different pages
@marcimmediato as it is, there's not much need for the links at the top because I can see the whole page at once
Marc Immediato
Oh! That makes sense. Good idea.
John Doe
@UtkarshShukla7 how do I add img responsive?
@UtkarshShukla7 <img class="img-rounded img-responsive" /> ?????????
Mitul Shah
@codingisfun11 that's right
@codingisfun11 though you'll need an src as well for the actual image
hello, please help. Why this code does not work?

$(document).ready(function() {

$("#getMessage").on("click", function(){
  // Only change code below this line.

  $.getJSON("http://quotesondesign.com/api/3.0/api-3.0.json", function(json) {


  // Only change code above this line.
<div class="container-fluid">
<div class = "row text-center">
<div class = "col-xs-12 well message">
The message will go here
</div><button id = "getMessage" class = "btn btn-primary">
Get Message
@tadalox you should comment like this <!-- Text -->