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Greg Duncan
did you go to there demo page http://gpiot.s1.cotidia.com/twitter-share-demo/
@AbsoluteZero273 Yours looks very complicated - they provide a very simple work through
Pratik Chaudhary
I got that from twitter's website itself
yeah theirs is simple :)
Greg Duncan
@AbsoluteZero273 I couldn't get my head around twitter's example and was fortunate to find that one. It only takes about 10 lines of js and a little bit of html to tweet out
shweta rajput
hi everyone. i want too know about twich.tv project. can someone explain what i have to do?
Dhruv Kumar
@ShwetaRajput What did you try and whats the error?
@ShwetaRajput you have to build something like https://codepen.io/FreeCodeCamp/full/Myvqmo/
Jack Lyons
hey guys, i have a question -- how do you split an array into arrays?
like this
 ['a', 'b', 'c']  convert to

Hi, can someone help me?

This is my code:

 $(document).ready(function() {

     var answer="";
     var random= Math.floor(Math.random() * (3)+1);
     switch(random) {

       case 1:
         answer=['"La mujer es como la polvora, si no la tratas con cuidado, explota"', "Miguel Moyá"];
       case 2:
         answer= ['"Y los españoles, muy españoles y mucho españoles!!"', "Rajoy"];
       case 3:
         answer= ['"El mundo esta dividido en tres grandes grupos, el de los que sabe contar, y el de los que no."',"Homer J. Simpson"];}

     var tweet= "https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=+";
     answer=answer[0].split(" ");
     tweet+= answer[0];
     tweet+= "%20"+ answer[1];

My problem is that $("#tweetBtn").attr("href",tweet); don't work, also I write console.log(answer); for search problems, and console don't print anything

help please

Kevin Kuehler
Does anyone know where, on the Open Weather API's website, you can find all possible API responses ?
Randy Goldsmith
Kevin Kuehler
@Dueldrawer8 yeah it shows examples. cant find all possible responses
Randy Goldsmith
@kevinkuehler the best way to do it IMO is to try it out in your codepen..first get an api key.. then put it in a .getJSON or .ajax call with a callback function and console.log it
Kevin Kuehler
@Dueldrawer8 THX
kevinkuehler sends brownie points to @dueldrawer8 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 411 | @dueldrawer8 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/dueldrawer8
Randy Goldsmith
@kevinkuehler dunno if that helps answer your question.. be sure to use JSON.stringify() to make the JSON data easier to read
if you need help ill be on for maybe another 15-20 min
@kevinkuehler take a look at mine..
just open the console and you should see all the info it provides.. although thats only on the current weathe
@kevinkuehler here is a link for all the weather conditions which is what you mainly need.. http://openweathermap.org/weather-conditions
Kevin Kuehler
@Dueldrawer8 your site looks nice. i like that you used a geo-locator api instead of the default javascript one... no need to confirm
Randy Goldsmith
@kevinkuehler indeed, thanks man :) i still need to do some work on it.. i'm going back and touching some things up on it specifically making my projects responsive/mobile
dueldrawer8 sends brownie points to @kevinkuehler :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 275 | @kevinkuehler |http://www.freecodecamp.com/kevinkuehler
Andrew Perrin
hi, can someone help me out with mediaqueries / fluid grids??
how to add image from internet
Greg Duncan
@gsr3568 <img src="http://www.whatEverTheUrlIs">
Marc M
Hola, can someone please help me figure out where the grey hover effect is coming from over the menu: http://businessdemo1.xyz/#
@flyyyperth sure
@flyyyperth are you still around?
Marc M
I'm here @Benalron (:
@flyyyperth are you trying to do it yourself?
Marc M
I'd love to get rid of the grey effect and keep the underlined orange line under the text for a:active
Naif Al-Shammari
Marc, I was know this formula but I forget it
I will try to figure out just sec
usually its using the psuedo selector ::hover
Naif Al-Shammari
I see
Marc M
@Benalron @CoderGeek700 Thanks guys, do you have any idea for code that could disable the grey background?
flyyyperth sends brownie points to @benalron and @codergeek700 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 30 | @codergeek700 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/codergeek700
:cookie: 371 | @benalron |http://www.freecodecamp.com/benalron
Marc M
How would I make the active link underlined with my hover class ?
Naif Al-Shammari
Marc, You are most welcome
Marc M
So far I can only underline the whole element, as you can see on "HOME" , but not the actual text