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Sorin Ruse
@d1sr3 use async: false in ajax call if you want it sync
@sorinr hey can u fix it ?
@sorinr yes I just googled it and .responseText at the end
Sorin Ruse
@d1sr3 yep. i forgot to mention that :)
@NixonRichard yep. load your pen over http not https like: http://codepen.io/Ayanami_Rei/pen/zBRYdB
why did that happen ?
http and https
Sorin Ruse
@NixonRichard because over https it does not load you pure.css
do u think this pure.css s a good framework ?
it doesnt much stuffs as foundation or boostrap
but reponsive
and lightweight
Sorin Ruse
@NixonRichard all of them are responsive. i haven't used it before but for curiosity i'll take a look at it
@sorinr ok then btw which one s better ? foundation or boostrap ?
i heard ppl say bootstrap s codes r messy
even they provide more stuffs
Sorin Ruse
@NixonRichard you can start learning how boostrap works because it is widely used and you get faster answers on issues, then when you will understand the principles, its easy to switch to other frameworks
I'm really stuck on how to start the Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage challenge...
do I have to call flexbox like I do with bootstrap to use it?
Sorin Ruse
@CarlosFerrerCeldran nope
ok, so I just have to add atributes to the container, making a class for .container with the atributes I want it to have, right?
Sorin Ruse
@CarlosFerrerCeldran take a look here: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guide-to-flexbox/
@CarlosFerrerCeldran the flex its for the layout part (grid as in bootstrap and other frameworks)
I did the layout with bootstrap, but need to center 3 images vertically and someone suggested using flexbox would do it
alternatly, is it possible to shrink an image to a max-height keeping the aspect ratio?
hey guys can anyone help me build my portfolio? this is what I have so far but need help formatting! http://codepen.io/EvanDCP/pen/RRQLWP
@EvanDCP Hi Evan, I suggest using a container div for the whole page, then separate divs with class row for each of the sections, like one for about me, another for portfolio and another for contact me sections
that will split the page into sections and organize the layout
@CarlosFerrerCeldran thanks!! gonna try!
evandcp sends brownie points to @carlosferrerceldran :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 121 | @carlosferrerceldran |http://www.freecodecamp.com/carlosferrerceldran
@CarlosFerrerCeldran it hasn't changed anything :/
Niroshan Perera

hello, please help me to make imacro to click dynamic generate link.
need to click that link via imacro.

<div class="title" id="title-33">
<span itemprop="name">
<a href="/story.php?id=33">Pahasu.lk | Free Classifieds Ads Sri lanka.</a>


Jomar Montuya
hi all
anyone here knows about css frameworks ? ive found website with top 10 framewoks see this http://backspacecorner.weebly.com/blog/top-10-web-development-front-end-frameworks-2016
i would like to ask is this is easy to use?