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mohammadhasham sends brownie points to @user-sarang :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 220 | @user-sarang |http://www.freecodecamp.com/user-sarang
and then when you setup your rows let the column widths be 100% that is do not use col-md-* classes
for nwo
get all of views aligned
and then apply these classes for mobile compatability
Muhammad Hasham
@user-sarang can you tell me in simple words
do u mean to say that with row i dont have to use col-md-*
@user-sarang Please help me i am eager to make it responsive
i put in some quick fixes
yes col-lg-4 are classes that are used to get multiple columns
Muhammad Hasham
that can be md as well?
if i am not wrong/
Thanks alot body i'll look forward to it.
md is for medium size screens only
the actual specification is given in BS documentation
Muhammad Hasham
so what is the best optimized is it lg?
it depends on the content
Ken Haduch
@Adam-Collier - you're welcome. I just came back and saw your reply. That selector just didn't select the img, so I thought I would try a slightly different one, and this seems to work, too: $("a.button img").mouseover(function(){ it finds the child img that is nested in that anchor tag.
if you look at it full screen then you will see 3 columns
as you reduce the size of the screen(browser) you will see it gets shifted to one column
Muhammad Hasham
so we have to use <div class = "row"> andd then <div class = "col-->
am i right?
yep both of them should be wrapped within the container class
Muhammad Hasham
so the pen you have sent after editing is the correct one without any major mistake i shall look forawrd to it?
@MohammadHasham - i did only minor revisions, I did not check anything else.
Manuel Micu
Hi. Simon's finished. Can you guys have a look? (code mostly) .
*You can test the win by changing the config.nrOfWinningSequences
Muhammad Hasham
can anyone suggest me that what i should improve technically? is it mobile responsive?
Muhammad Hasham
@manu-4216 @user-sarang @khaduch
Robert Richey
@manu-4216 I really like that intro for your game and the shading. I noticed one problem. at stage 2 the a.i. selected yellow, yellow and I intentionally chose a wrong color (that sound for wrong selection is a bit jarring), then the a.i used a different sequence for me at stage two yellow, blue.
@manu-4216 pressing the start button while the game is active - and awaiting user input - simply advances the user to the next stage for free
Hi, I am a web developer with 9 years of experience, I want to work on some responsive design sites, my skills are HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Zurb-foundation. I want PSDs with 12 grid design, I will work for free as I want to build my portfolio.
Muhammad Hasham
@Bhushan933 please can you review my pen and tell guide me if there are no mistakes
Elbert Cortez
@Bhushan933 not to blame but honest curiosity how is that in your 9 y of experience you never worked with responsive site?
Ken Haduch

@MohammadHasham - looking at your weather app. I think that it looks very nice. I have a few comments:

  • "Fahrenheit" is misspelled in your button. And did it play a song the first time I clicked it? (There must be something else going on on my computer.)
  • The first time I click the C / F button, it doesn't do anything. After that, it works.
  • on CodePen, you should not have the <html> and <body> tags in your HTML panel. The Codepen template supplies those tags. You can make a body CSS selector to fill in your background image. And you should also set background-size: cover; because on a wide screen, your image started to repeat on the right hand side
  • I like the background image, but it doesn't really "fit" with my physical surroundings - I wish it did! It's beautiful... Not sure what it would take to make backgrounds that more accurately reflect the weather or physical surroundings of the user.

It looks great - just a couple little things, as I noted. Nice work!

abhijith shenoy
guys need help
wordBlanks("dog", "big", "ran", "quickly") should contain all of the passed in words separated by non-word characters (and any additional words in your madlib).
wordBlanks("cat", "little", "hit", "slowly") should contain all of the passed in words separated by non-word characters (and any additional words in your madlib).
Jonathan Wieben
hey guys. i am working on my first project and need help. http://codepen.io/JonathanWbn/pen/AXVgkL here is the link of my pen. my problem happens when i hover over my heading (Jonathan Wieben). i wanna exclude this heading from the css i did for li a:hover. may someone helpful. i would appreciate it a lot.
Ken Haduch

@manu-4216 - the look of the game is very nice! It seems to play well, too. Very good! I ran the "Analyze JS" function on it - it calls out a lot of things, many of which might be "noise", but I don't know if you'll find anything that will help you?

Once again - good work!


Hey guys, I need some help figuring out how to get my logo to fit only the background of the #contactMe <div> and not the background of the whole page. Any ideas?


Elbert Cortez
    const setShowcaseImg = function() {
        const thisProject = project[$(this).data("project")];
        //gets the name of the project to later use it to fetch properties from that project
        $showcaseImg.find("img").attr("src", thisProject.img);
        //gets the url of the imagen and set it
        //gets the description 
        $showcaseImg.find("a").attr("href", thisProject.url);
        //gets the url 
        // then it opens a div containing this info 
I have something like this to showcase some images with text and a link but when i close the showcase div and activates it again with a different images it just takes like 30ms to actually change the image it work, but i can still see the previous image for like 20ms and that's not good :(
any idea of why, or how to work around it? I guess i can just simplely add a conditional or a setTime function to delay it but if you ask me it sound cheap :(
Also, not mobile friendly but the container-fluid class does not address that