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will text-center work with the buttons also? I applied text-center to the first div tag to apply to all and it didnt affect it at all
Ken Haduch
@luis4flames - I'm not going to finish it completely, for sure! But I just took some stuff out of the CSS, your .services class with that negative top margin was just breaking the flow of the <h1> and <h2>. That should have been a lot smoother to just put them in order. I'll see if I can stop after I give you some ideas of what I did... :)
haha gotcha! Thanks again!
Elbert Cortez
const setShowcaseImg = function() {
        const thisProject = project[$(this).data("project")];
        //gets the name of the project to later use it to fetch properties from that project
        $showcaseImg.find("img").attr("src", thisProject.img);
        //gets the url of the imagen and set it
        //gets the description 
        $showcaseImg.find("a").attr("href", thisProject.url);
        //gets the url 
        // then it opens a div containing this info 
I have something like this to showcase some images with text and a link but when i close the showcase div and activates it again with a different images it just takes like 30ms to actually change the image it work, but i can still see the previous image for like 20ms and that's not good :worried:
any idea of why, or how to work around it? I guess i can just simplely add a conditional or a setTime function to delay it but if you ask me it sound cheap :worried:
Ken Haduch

@luis4flames - I think that the fastest way to share this is by forking your project, here is my URL for it - I added asecond div to see if the gradient is working, and I think it looks better. You can compare to yours, and make changes as you see fit. Let me know and I can remove my forked copy when you're done.

Good luck!

@luis4flames - I just made one minor tweak to add background-size: cover; in thebody` element CSS rules. In case you started looking...
@khaduch Got it! thanks again really appreciate it.
luis4flames sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 1473 | @khaduch |http://www.freecodecamp.com/khaduch
Thiago Isaias
Hey guys. I just did the quote generator. Could you give me a feedback?
Ken Haduch
@luis4flames - great! You're welcome. One thing about positioning things like that, normally you don't have to work too hard to get things to flow on a page in a straightforward way. There are always exceptions, of course, but that type of page should be pretty much block-oriented, and the bootstrap grid (or other similar use of CSS) should handle most things fairly easily. I've also seen folks on here advocate the flexbox CSS styles for layout - it does handle some things nicely, but I haven't used it for anything yet, still learning about it. Have fun!
Chris Katzmann
why does that keep returning the same quote
(you have to refresh the page to try again, havent set it up to be able to run more than once)
hmm, id doesnt even run in the chat
Allen Pittard
@cwkatzmann there is a problem with your if statement in your call back
Can anyone help me with my twitch.tv stream? Here's my code. I can't figure out why my text and descriptions are not directly across their images. http://codepen.io/lukenetti3/pen/oLEmYK
why do we have to use display: block?
can someone plz answer
Jan Reimer
hey guys i doing the tribute page thing at the moment do you have a good ideer what i can do it about sorry for met english
Ravi Kumar
i am doing a simple tribute page
I need to align the timeline of events
can anyone give me some clue
how to do it

<div align="center">

<h3> Time line of events </h3>

<li> June 29, 2007 Iphone</li>
<li> September 4, 1998 Google</li>
<li> 2010 Windows 10</li>

Now I need to align the ul element
@ravikumar-cmu Can you paste your codepen?
Ravi Kumar
@ravikumar-cmu When I did my tribute page I tried the same thing and had problems getting those bullets to center. What I ended up doing, was using bootstrap description styling. Here's the link for that. Just scroll down to description lists. By doing it that way it bold fonts your dates and I think it looks nice. http://getbootstrap.com/css/#type
Here's my tribute page if you want to see if you like the styling before you use it. http://codepen.io/lukenetti3/pen/qZvJvK?editors=1000
Hi guys,
I'm just getting started on the quote machine, and it's a huge step up from the JSON API stuff I just completed. I'm wondering where I should even get started?
Islam Ibakaev
hey guys what about my rebuilded with react.js twitch streamers? http://codepen.io/dagman/pen/ZOxjLN
Obviously the easy(?) part is just making the site, but where do I even put the quotes that the API will draw from?
....asking for a friend.
Hi all! I'm somewhat new to this and I feel like I'm hitting a wall on creating my portfolio.
@JacksonElo What do you need help with?
Making it look more smooth and slick like the example page...lol
@JacksonElo Can you paste your codepen link, I might be able to help.
be gentle!
@JacksonElo I think it looks good. Personally I might make my header not so thick and possibly the same with the footer. Maybe even some different fonts to mix it up. It looks good though!
Cool! Thanks. I didn't realize how intimidating the design aspect could be