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nvm im dumb
Beth Qiang
@khaduch - what does that mean? i tried deleting it from the css and nothing (visibly) changed haha
Muhammad Hasham
@khaduch tried to fix those issues i guess that they are fixed!
Marc Vesper
does document.ready() only fire the first time the DOM is loaded, or also after your scripts complete changes to the DOM?
Angel Eduardo
@marcvesper in my expirence is only once. when the DOM is ready //executes when HTML-Document is loaded and DOM is ready , there is a document.load() //// executes when complete page is fully loaded, including all frames, objects and images
Muhammad Hasham
any good resource i.e; video tutorials or anything to learn AJAX actually i know how to ue getJSON but not AJAX,
that requires less time
Angel Eduardo
@MohammadHasham here is a document to learn AJAX https://learn.jquery.com/ajax/
Paul F. Aponte
Where can I buy two quality 4GB RAMs at a reasonable price, for my MacBook Pro 13’’ Mid-2009?
Ken Haduch


@khaduch - so i looked up a couple of things relating to the flexbox class that you added in, and found this on mdn -
/ Pack items around the center /
justify-content: center;

I think that is horizontal centering, so it might not be needed here, since the width of the image probably determines the width of the div?

Beth Qiang
@khaduch ah, right, now that i'm reading the description again, that makes sense!
Ken Haduch
@bethqiang - if you split your HTML strings into separate lines, as I did (because I needed to try and give myself some level of understanding of what you were generating and how I wanted to change it) that makes it easier to read.
Beth Qiang
@khaduch yeah, i really liked that and will definitely continue doing that, it makes it sooo much easier
Don Price
Has anyone here worked with React JS and knows of a good tutorial or book?
Sorry Node JS\
abhijith shenoy
why do u use node js?
Stephen James
@KingHippo So not React?
abhijith shenoy
i heard its an alternative to php
Don Price
Just for learning\
Stephen James
@KingHippo This channel has node js, their React series was good so hopefully would be the same for node
Don Price
Thanks @sjames1958gm
kinghippo sends brownie points to @sjames1958gm :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 2221 | @sjames1958gm |http://www.freecodecamp.com/sjames1958gm
Stephen James
@KingHippo :+1:
Tyler Moeller
@KingHippo I'm a nodeschooler, so I point people to http://nodeschool.io. Lots of tutorials there and local nodeschool chapters for in-person help.
Don Price
@TylerMoeller Thanks! I'll give that a look!
kinghippo sends brownie points to @tylermoeller :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 705 | @tylermoeller |http://www.freecodecamp.com/tylermoeller
Guilherme Or
Hello guys, I need your help! I have two projects one running in angular 1 and other in angular 2, is it possible run the angular 2 inside angular 1 ?
hi guys I am making the twitch app http://codepen.io/mr4199/pen/EyRzYm and i have a problem with photos, they dont show up allways, i should klick on any button or reload the page few times to see the photos of channels
@mr4199 It looks like you are doing multiple api calls everytime you click something.. maybe that is the problem?
@mr4199 whynot just save the data once you get it
Angel Eduardo
@mr4199 set the image in a <img> tag and try it out
vínαч puppαl
@KingHippo A collection of awesome things regarding React https://github.com/enaqx/awesome-react
http://www.hackingwithreact.com/ a react book I found from github although I have not read through it much yet
@DuskyPixel ok I will try it out
@angelfeliz doesnt work
@DuskyPixel but there is to much work, i thing the problem is becous I make css background to photo before first JSON is called and div witch class that I want to change doesn exist in moment of execution, what can I do about it?
@mr4199 not sure what you mean.. When I first got the ajax result I added the onlines to an online container and the offlines to an offline container which I just toggled their display when ever a button was clicked
Hi guys, Im doing the Sorted Union challenge but im stuck on how to do it.... any tips on how to start it?
Jaren Escueta
@davidrinconv read the arguments object link in the problem description. using reduce on an array can be similar to using a for loop.
Chris Drain
Hey everyone is there anyone that can help with my weather app zipline I can't get the getJSON to work
Michael Smith
Build a Tribute Page: I don't understand the grey DIV area, how they did it.. http://codepen.io/droidvoider/pen/OXwyWR
Original: (I'm not supposed to look)
It's all grey and rounded, like a class they used but I can't guess it.
Also my image looks different but I think I can adjust that closer
Sorin Ruse
hi there. i would appreciate any feedback on this pen even its still under construction: http://codepen.io/sorinr/pen/YWjkZx
Alique Williams
Has anyone done the express.js challenges?