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@vinaypuppal ohh i get it, i will try it right now
vínαч puppαl
@dimitrije12 but if stream is null then u may not get name
@dimitrije12 so u can request streamer info with this URL https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/
Example: https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/brunofin
Yeah but then i cant get info if the user is streaming at the moment
Hello! I've just finished my first Front End Project (pair programmed with @dhuddleston to help me with some of the basics). Any comments / critiques? http://codepen.io/njhudd/full/ZOqZRP/
so i have to call two API's, one to get user info, and second to read if they are online or not @vinaypuppal
vínαч puppαl
@dimitrije12 so u need to make two request
  • first to get stream info
  • second to get user/channel/streamer info
    if stream is null they are offline
Olga C
@njhudd Its looking good! Great job
vínαч puppαl
@njhudd Looks good. One suggestion read about media queries(http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_rwd_mediaqueries.asp) and use them to decrease the font size for small screens of title and paragraph. Rest all looks good
hey yall, i just started writing my code on pen.io but for some reason the image ive selected isnt coming up.
nvm, i copied the wrong link
@njhudd I like it too. if youre making use of jade and sass maybe feel free to style that bad boy up a little more. or just move on
I am working on the build a random quote machine project. anyone have advice on good jquery and json tutorials/materials? ive never called an API before and the exercises on FCC didnt provide much context to me
Ryan Williams

Can someone please help me with this code for the simon project, I am having difficulty getting the on click function to require more on click button presses in order to proceed. The code I have so far that isn't working is

$('.sector').on('click',function(){/*Handles the user's button clicks, sector is the class name of the 4 lights */
  console.log("Count is " + count + ", and the order array is [" + order + "]");
   for (var i = 0; i < count; i++){
     if (this == order[i]){//if what is clicked is the correct button in the order array, this is where I need help
         if (this.id == order[i] && order[i] == 'red'){

         else if (this.id == order[i] && order[i] == 'green'){

         else if (this.id == order[i] && order[i] == 'blue'){

        else if (this.id == order[i] && order[i] == 'yellow'){

       },1100 * count)//ends the setTimeout statement of the for loop
 }//ends for loop
 beeper();//The function that randomly generates and displays the button pattern for the user to repeat


The codepen link is http://codepen.io/Ryanwfile/pen/qNJAJO Thank you for any help

For fans of Stranger Things (CONTAINS SPOILERS!), take a look at my codepen! If you have any suggestions or could tell me how to fix that spacing between the text and the button, that would be great. Thanks! http://codepen.io/DZRana/pen/RRZgav
@DZRana u have nested ur row div in text-center class... so everything will be center aligned in your body.. either remove that or move row div out of jumbotron/text-center div
@Dave1089 ahhh gotcha. Thanks for taking a look!
dzrana sends brownie points to @dave1089 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Roger Hart
Hi All
Care to give us some feedback on Personal portfolio Project please
Anyone have any advice for getting started learning react.js and ES6?
How do I use babel 6 for windows....?
Norvin Burrus
@Samwise12 these may be useful: :sparkles:
hi guys
can someone help me with a jquery selector question?
@richao03 ask
William Cross
What is Jquery?
like what does it do?
Randy Goldsmith
anyone know how to append the values of my numbers inside the spans to a certain div?
Sabrina Ferguson
@Dueldrawer8 you can probably start with getting the .text() from the span clicked
Randy Goldsmith
@itsacoyote ah thats right forgot about that.. ill try it thanks
dueldrawer8 sends brownie points to @itsacoyote :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 203 | @itsacoyote |http://www.freecodecamp.com/itsacoyote
Randy Goldsmith
@itsacoyote can you see my code? not working..doing something wrong lol
Sabrina Ferguson
@Dueldrawer8 looking over it...
Randy Goldsmith
(.span).text() should get the numbers..
A couple of hints for you
  1. You may want to console.log( this ). I think you just made a typo.
    if (this == order[i]){  // is not correct. it's comparing an object to a string
  2. You have a this issue when you use setTimeout function. Try using .bind function or stack overflow answer. console.log( this ) inside your setTimeout callback function if your unsure of this value.
  3. The value of var i when your setTimeout is called is probably not what you think it is. console.log( i ) inside your setTimout callback. A possible solution is .bind function.
  4. It looks like beeper function is how you plan to increment your sequence. So beeper will need to be called inside your inner setTimeout functions. Currently, beeper is called after every click.
Randy Goldsmith
now just need to append those numbers to the div
Sabrina Ferguson
@Dueldrawer8 so you want to append the number's text in the span, right? Sorry, I mean the boxAnswer
Randy Goldsmith
Sabrina Ferguson
@Dueldrawer8 alrighty, so. You have the click function for the .num that's clicked
When you're in the function, you can reference the specific button that was clicked with $(this)
The way you're doing it right now with $('span') is getting ALL the spans and their text.
Randy Goldsmith
@itsacoyote yes, thought i fixed it if you can see but it prints out all the spans to the calculator
Sabrina Ferguson
@Dueldrawer8 yeah, trying to find the correct way to say it next, gimme a moment
Randy Goldsmith
@itsacoyote youve helped me plenty
ive got it :)
Sabrina Ferguson
oh you did?