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Lauren Conners
function () {
Adam Jacks
Guys, any idea why when I click the down arrow, the href doesn't leave margin at the top?
Adam Pankowski
@laurenconners yep correct i already manage it, but still function do not changing background :(
need help with js part
Gabriel Alexandre
Hey guys, can you give your opinion about my Portfolio page so far? https://codepen.io/gabrielshaad/full/BzLRdm/
Sorin Ruse
@shailza you need a reset to zero to your counter. you can do this by using an if statement
Adam Pankowski

can somebody tell me why random color is not working properly? :(


@sorinr done! :D
Sorin Ruse
@shailza hope this is what you wanted. to cycle the quotes over and over
ashish singh
@losbaltica coilors.length
not color.length
@losbaltica you have not included jquery
Hi, how can I catch the error in api? I am working on twitchtv api. Here is my code:
It did not respond to the data.error in else if
Elbert Cortez
@designBuildShipSoftware tip one
wrap your url or long strings into variable and re use them..
@trip16661 What do you mean
you mean i need another $getJSON statement?
Elbert Cortez
can be done as
var twitchApi = 'https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/';
// and then invoked 

$.getJSON(twitchApi +  "channels"
$.getJSON(twitchApi +  "streams"
@trip16661 Alright. what about error handling
Elbert Cortez
@designBuildShipSoftware if status 422 then obj.message
Sorin Ruse
@designBuildShipSoftware if(data.status === 422){alert('Account is closed');}
@sorinr did it work for you? It did not show any alert
Elbert Cortez
@designBuildShipSoftware and if that doesnt work use the error handler from the get
.fail(error => console.log(error));
sorry for es6 syntax
$.getJSON(function() {... your code}).fail(function (error) {
@trip16661 you are making me more confused. But I will try what you said since it looks interesting
Elbert Cortez
@designBuildShipSoftware ok the get method from jquery, the one you use for ajax requests have a build in error handling function. which do something if an error in the get is throw
Tyler Moeller
@trip16661 This won't give them errors from the API, only jquery-related errors accessing the API. They need to test the JSON to look for valid properties - if none exist, account is closed, if data.stream is null, account is offline, else they're online.
Elbert Cortez
@TylerMoeller who said that it doesnt give them errors from the api?
Tyler Moeller
@trip16661 Do you have a working example showing errors coming back from the Twitch API in the .fail() method?
Elbert Cortez
it throws errors from the get functions but it grabs any object or error the api throws as well
@TylerMoeller use his code and use the fail method
and check the log
.fail(error => console.log(error.status))
or to be more clear to you
.fail(error => console.log(error.responseJSON.message));
edit: responseJSON instead of response (typo)
Sorin Ruse
@designBuildShipSoftware sorry. it worked for me but looking at your code i saw you are using getJSON. I've used $.ajax with success and error. try the way @trip16661 told you. it should work
Elbert Cortez
@sorinr its basically and essentially the same
its just syntactically different but both work the same way
either way i would recomend he do it on my way because thats basically how promises look like so he gets familiarized
Elbert Cortez
@designBuildShipSoftware since you never came back I assume it worked xDD you are welcome xD
Sorin Ruse
@trip16661 i know that but if he wants to use getJSON he should use the .fail. this is wat i was trying to say
Elbert Cortez
does anyone need help?
Mikail Bayram
@trip16661 I do actually need help
http://codepen.io/mikail1998/pen/pbQjVN Before I added this else if ($("#result").text().slice(-1)==="/"||""||"+"||"-"&&clickedButton==="/"||""||"+"||"-"){
console.log('Math operation button clicked');
} the code worked when i added this calculator didnt do nothing
wiki help how to add code in chat