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Is it in the center of the page now?
d wilder
@AliFox15 If you use text-center you will need to apply it to every div you want centered. Put that class in the div wrapping the image
<div class="text-center"><img class="picture-center" src="https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3689/10613180113_fdf7bcd316_b.jpg"/></div>
Evan W
@alhazen1 Here's my working version, but again, it only works on computers.
And sometimes when you hit enter it doesn't even show the wiki, other times it does. No idea why. I'm not getting any console errors from the API or anything
The enter key wont even register when you use it inside this little window in the chat room =S
There has to be an easier way to do this
Is there anyway to make a form submit action just pass along the value of the text input to a function?
I cant think of a way to write that in html
@Dirtier Center it in body element
Evan W
wow,just firgured it out
I need to add center-block to my img element
d wilder
This message was deleted
Evan W
@AliFox15 are you using bootstrap?
@AliFox15 centering in bootstrap is as easy as making all the columns add up to 12 lol
if I want something to be centered I can make it <div class='col-xs-4'> and then surround that div with two other divs just like it with class='col-xs-4'>
4 + (centered 4) + 4
= 12
Don't set any static widths in your css and bam you have a responsive, centered div
Just put the image inside it
d wilder
@AliFox15 Yes, your best bet is to use Bootstrap. In addition to ease of layout it will give you responsive layout that will look good on smaller screens like smart phone
Evan W
I thought he said he was using bootstrap earlier
idk maybe not
guys i have done my portfolio page plz give me some review i know i have to crct something plz advise me
Hi guys,just come into a new problem,I can use center text to move the text to the center of page,but when it comes to ul li,the dot is not following.
Can I fix it?
Evan W
@AliFox15 you can't center lists with text-align
It will center the text, but not the actual <li> element
Wrap the list in a div, center the div.
@ravi6112 Your links don't appear to be working in your navbar, and the pics aren't loading for me
Also the navbar seems to be always open or something
@ravi6112 In that project you want the links to link down to some other part of the page. So make your navbar links like this href='#nameofdivwhereyouwantlinktogo'
like href='#portfolio' if the are where you have your portfolio is in a div with the id of 'portfolio'
d wilder
@ravi6112 Looks like you well on your way to an awesome portfolio but I don't think the public has permissions on your images.
JD Tadlock
@Dirtier you can use offsets to center ;)
hey @jdtdesigns
JD Tadlock
sup @tommygebru
nothing much ... I am trying to prepare myself for these intermediates :smile:
how are you doing?
JD Tadlock
pretty good, you?
d wilder
@ravi6112 To make your internal links work you will need some anchors.
<li><a href="#contacts">Contact</a></li>
<a name="contacts"></a>
     <h2> Contact Me<h2>
ugh.. @Dirtier here's my code <ul><div class="text-center">
<li>.......</li></div></ul> ,And the dots won't follow.
I just submitted my wiki-viewer but forgot to get feedback first.... looks like Wiki-viewer 2.0 is going to be released soon @jdtdesigns
hey guys can anyone help me with a problem with my portfolio page im making
@furofo no help yet?
Matthew Brown
what is the problem @furofo?