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Darth Skywalker
ind sounds like short for India
Henry Cabello
Chris Cullen
@AnshulMalik yes simon game... @r1chard5mith Themain problem is I no longer know what my answers are doing... it inputs user answers to pSeq but it doesnt do so with the correct element sometimes and when i compare them in correct() it doesnt seem to compare them properly either... @GregatGit tidy is good and I do now and again but when i close up all the functions and press tidy it reopens them so i try not to too much.. point taken on names like cSeq pSeq btw
@hacu9 looks cool. nice animation.. 1 minor bug is when u stop clock and change break time it retains seconds in breaktime
maybe a bit more css on colors and border of time aswell maybe. bbut thats just aestetics
Richard Smith
@123xylem I think it's easier to generate the whole sequence once and then play the first note of it each time you restart
Chris Cullen

$(".panel").on("click", function() {
  cpuTurn = 1;
  var panelId = $(this).attr("id");
  audioF[panelId.toLowerCase()].play(); //<-----use id as key
  $("#" + panelId).toggleClass('animate');
  //HOW DO i get this to activate and go back to default onclick?

  if (turnSeq.length >= pSeq.length) {
  }; //Pushes only new moves into pSeq

 // if (turnSeq.length == cSeq.length) {
    //starts cpu only when user finished move or wrong
    // cpuTurn = 1;
    console.log("turn", turnSeq, turnSeq.length, "player", pSeq, pSeq.length, "cpu", cSeq, cSeq.length);

function correct(){if(cSeq.length==pSeq.length){
  for ( i = cSeq.length;  i--;) {

      if (cSeq[i] != pSeq[i]) {audioF['wrong'].play();

        console.log("wrong", cSeq, pSeq[i], pSeq);
    pSeq = [];  setInterval(lastSeq(), 4000); // Say wrong and replay last seq
        // cpuTurn = 0;};    

else { 
    $("#round").html("Round: "+roundVal);
    setInterval(cpuSeq(), 1000);
    console.log(cpuTurn, "Round= ", roundVal);
So sometimes pSeq doesnt get pushed the correct element (the new element of turnSeq - prev pSeq elements)>>> Even when it does happen the correct() check doesnt always recognise a match
At this point I am confused whats going on and arent sure where to even coonsole.log things
to debug
Richard Smith
@123xylem your for statement in the 'correct' function is missing a conditional
Muhammad Hasham
i am really frustrated and stuck with this i want to move my h3 element and ul element in one row but i have been failed to do so can anyone please help me with this stuff
Ayush Agrawal
How do I learn Bootstrap ?
Chris Cullen
@r1chard5mith yea when i add i>0it makes every answer incorrect
Richard Smith
@123xylem It's not a simple challenge - you may need to rethink the logic to make it simpler to reason about
@123xylem I say this knowing how much trouble I got into once I had to start cancelling and restarting the click handlers on the buttons
@ayush1810 You do the FreeCodeCamp courses that are on Bootstrap then you can check out http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/
Chris Cullen
@r1chard5mith yeaa may have to redo it or somehing... any video links that might help?
Sorin Ruse
@MohammadHasham here is the solution
@ayush1810 Follow FreeCodeCamp courses
Dark Vanity
Hi guys, bit of a amateur question but how do you set a list of websites with a wikipedia url in the front neatly?
hi guys, How to make navbar elements (h1/ul) in fixed position without moving , when resizing the browser ?
Muhammad Hasham
@sorinr Thanks.
mohammadhasham sends brownie points to @sorinr :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 753 | @sorinr |http://www.freecodecamp.com/sorinr
Muhammad Hasham
@sorinr you have always been really helpful.Can you tell me how did that worked with centering and allowing 100% width
Sorin Ruse
@MohammadHasham have made changes in css to: #rowz and .col-6. as you have the li floated right you should inverse the order of the li's in the html
Monesul Haque
hi everyone
i am stuck at tic tac toe game
there is no specific problem i got
i just couldn't figure it out how i am going to start
what could be the steps to complete the full project
should i use single array or 2d array to store the data of tic tac toe
should i just start for only human to human game ?
Stephen James
@mones-cse I used a single array because it was easier to work with.
You'll need a function that takes that array and determines if there is a winner or a draw.
Monesul Haque
@sjames1958gm thanks
mones-cse sends brownie points to @sjames1958gm :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 3596 | @sjames1958gm |http://www.freecodecamp.com/sjames1958gm
Stephen James
@mones-cse Create a simple board (I used buttons) first and get the logic to work then style
So I don't actually need to send a request to twitch api? Could you guys explain what am I suppose to do with these informations? https://gist.github.com/QuincyLarson/2ff6892f948d0b7118a99264fd9c1ce8
How am I suppose to know who's online? who's offline?
Stephen James
@fhdhsni If you request using the streams url the stream will be null for offline users.
As explained here it's suggested to hard code those informations without actually making a request.
@sjames1958gm And there's no "stream": null. It means all of them are online. right?
I wish I could skip this project.
Artur Giniyatullin
Hello guys. Now I'm in process of making Intermediate Front End projects. And I'm a beginner. Is it necessary now to make a good style of web-pages and styles etc. or understand the mechanism of how that works(eg. Quotes Machine) is more important? Because I've checked the same projects of another people and became sooo frustrated that I just scared and close ffc.
Seems like the whole world codes better than I do.
@ArturGIni96 no its normal
@ArturGIni96 I think understating what's going on under the hood is more important. But some people are more concerned about aesthetic aspect of their work. Some of us like CSS but other may like JS. And who cares about html :)
Stephen James
@fhdhsni If none have streams of null they are all online, yes
Why would a css query not work? I'm testing my sites responsiveness but @media screen and (max-width:480px) and @media screen and (max-width: 767px) are not doing anything.
JD Tadlock
@christocarr can you post your codepen?
@fhdhsni if data.stream is true, the streamer is online. If data.stream is null/false, the streamer is offline. If the request sends back a 404, the streamer doesn't exist.
Hey everyone :) By chance does anyone out there know why the media querie using @media (min-width: @screen-sm-min) { ... } refuses to work
JD Tadlock
@grantknaver what processor are you using?