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Maksim Kulichenko
@djangoearnhardt yeah the image
@makstheimba It’s supposed to be a beanie/hat for cold weather. and they change depending on the degrees outside
Maksim Kulichenko
@djangoearnhardt okay. For now it looks like a tip of a penis.
hahah, not my intent @makstheimba
Homer Allen
Hmmm, preparing to build my portfolio page. I wonder if the contact form on the example actually works...
It's not a user story, so I am not sure how to handle that
any idea on how to make all my buttons dont have any space between each buttons? any idea for better design? http://codepen.io/c0d0er/pen/LRKVmE?editors=1100
Ian Duke
@homerallen Rest assured the Form doesn't actually need to work.
Homer Allen
@ianduke ok, thanks!
homerallen sends brownie points to @ianduke :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 237 | @ianduke |http://www.freecodecamp.com/ianduke
Ken Haduch
@homerallen - you need a server connection to make the contact form work - although there are "free" services that you can connect to, I've heard, but also warnings that they will collect email addresses for their own purposes. I opted to just put an email contact address in my portfolio and eventually I'll worry about it being functional - I could connect it to my ISP account, I'm guessing. Just not a crucial thing at this point in time.
Homer Allen
Thanks @khaduch!
homerallen sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Andrea De La Flor Muente
hiiiii any idea why my links jump to the wrong part of the page? http://codepen.io/adelaflor/pen/YpzyoN

Working on the Pomodoro clock. I need a button that pauses the clock, but not having any luck figuring it out. Any ideas?


@adelaflor From what I can see, it seems that you don't have your divs ID'ed with your link names
@adelaflor So you're on the right track! You're basically saying "Hey, when you click here jump to this point!" but you haven't yet shown the browser where that point is. So your href's are set, but down the page you need to actually have divs tagged with an ID of home or portfolio, to show the link where it's going
@adelaflor Wait! scratch what I said, it seems that codepen just didn't let me scroll far enough
@adelaflor Okay, so once it let me actually look at the whole thing(sorry, codepen has been giving me loading issues all day), you're tagging the ID's correct, but what's happening is, when the page jumps there, it's overlapping it with the navbar. So because you have your h3 tags with the ID's, it's bringing the top edge of the page to the word that you have in the h3 tag, and the navbar is just blocking your view. Try setting the ID's the the div instead.

I’m attempting to use a zip code found from accessing an API, then adding that value into a url. From there it would run another API which would find the weather in the area of the user. Something isn’t working quite right with my idea, could anyone help out?

var zip = loco.postal;  
var string = JSON.stringify('http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?zip=' + zip +',us&appid=43570f3ce225106d3f5ffafe9e44cc60')
               $.getJSON(string, function(jd) {


Aaron Bell
does anyone know how to put a icon in the search bar
Andrea De La Flor Muente
@AidenMead ohhh that makes sense I'll try it thanks a lot!!
adelaflor sends brownie points to @aidenmead :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 270 | @aidenmead |http://www.freecodecamp.com/aidenmead
Anyone good with quintus here?
is that a food?
@awb715 add it in the same container
  • I am new to Reactjs.
  • If the staus is active. I need to update the p tag and need to update in my liClass as .sports-last-second
  • .sports-changed-status should be changed to .sports-last-second
  • I have created a if condition but not sure how to insert.
  • Can you guys tell how to do it.
  • Providng my code below.
    newContentAdded: function () {

      var firstTab = 'got-the-value';

    if (firstTab == 'got-the-value')
     <p> got-the-value got-the-value got-the-value got-the-value </p>

working fiddle

not working fiddle

Bryan Gronberg
hi i'm working on my random quote machine. i'm having trouble implementing a twitter button that updates with each new quote
@bgronberg91 https://twitter.com/intent/tweet/?text=" + $(".quote").text() + " " + $(".author").text() ---my url
Bryan Gronberg
thanks, i'll try it!
click my name and say thanks
Bryan Gronberg
@moT01 thanks
:cookie: 302 | @mot01 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/mot01
bgronberg91 sends brownie points to @mot01 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
mmm, brownies
Hi guys, I have a question about Bootstrap. I made a toggleable menu, but using <nav class="navbar navbar-default">, the dropdown in mobile size was transparent and not well positioned. Then I tried <div class="navbar navbar-default"> and the BS classes kicked in. I'm puzzled. Why would changing it to div fix it?
Maybe divs
In bootstrap have their own styles?
Walid Ashri
@hudoodesign html5 nav tag has some built in styles
Max Ho
@hudoodesign open the console and check how the styles are being called. Then you'll know if bootstrap is applying styles to nav or not
Juliana G P S Ferreira
@walidashri yeah, it's just that the recommendation in the BS documentation shows the nav being used, not the div. Yet when I use nav, the styles are messed up. I've tested it and it's not my custom styles making it that way. I'd use div, except that it's not semantic.
Walid Ashri
@julianaferry hi
@hudoodesign can u share ur code?
Jack Lyons
hey guys im working on my tic tac toe and trying to create a function for my buttons, but i get an error in the console that the event in my function is not define