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messiahack sends brownie points to @tylermoeller :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 1085 | @tylermoeller |http://www.freecodecamp.com/tylermoeller
@TylerMoeller I'm just looking for the link to put in. Where did you find: https://api.wunderground.com/api/<<<Your API Key>>>/conditions/q/autoip.json
i got it i got it.
I can't read apparently.
@jrandallhansen So all of my text and my photo is aligned to the left of screen. I put that suggestion in my css box but nothing happened.
@TylerMoeller So I don't actually understand where you go this from: https://api.wunderground.com/api/<<<Your API Key>>>/conditions/q/autoip.json
I'm looking at hte side, but how did you know to change htat last bit?
The example they give is for a spot in CA
oh man... clicking the link, it says i have to have cookies enables... and i cannot find cookies in chrome.
I'm starting to reach peak frustration.
jsfiddle how do i escape the apostrophe (') and count "I'm" as one word
i'm about to lose my mind alkdsjfoiuqwerpuj
I see no cookie icon like the one I found in google.
apparently my cookies are enables...
oh, there it goes.
for no reason.
I think I'm done for the night.
is there a way to override a bootstrap to have have a cellspacing?
Jerry Purvis
okay. I've hit a bit of snag again in my code. in my portfolio section, I cannot get the 3rd column in the row to display inline with the rest of the code, and I can't get the image to center inside the block. I've tried every property and tag I know, but am at a loss and need some guidance.
@TylerMoeller every link that i use pins me to California
every single one.


hello is there a way that i could separate my tables? tried using cellspacing but it is being ignore because of the bootstrap. tried over riding it nothing happens. thank you!

@TylerMoeller I'm using this: http://api.wunderground.com/api/key/geolookup/q/37.776289,-122.395234.json which is for logn and lat. And I replace "key" with my api key.
Tyler Moeller
@mzedlach See those two numbers at the end before .json? Those are the latitude and longitude
Try this URL instead: https://api.wunderground.com/api/key/conditions/q/autoip.json (replace 'key' with your API key)
So why is the documentation for "geolocation for long, lat type" giving me a specific link
Tyler Moeller
They're just giving an example I believe
So where did you get htis from?
I just don't get it. There is all this documentation and I read it, but I just dont' feel like I find anything.
Tyler Moeller
I believe it was from their Test Console: https://apigee.com/resources/wunderground?apig_cc=1
I don't understand how you found it from there. I've been tinkering with that for at least half an hour.
I guess i didn't pick the right one.
I see where you got it from now.
So, once I put this in, this will tell the js where to get the lat, long info from, right?
That's all this does?
Tyler Moeller

@mzedlach Yes, try this:

  var api = 'https://api.wunderground.com/api/<<KEY>>/conditions/q/autoip.json';
  $.getJSON(api).done(function(data) {

You can then copy/paste the output into a tool like this to make it easier to read: http://codebeautify.org/jsonviewer

Click the "Beautify" button to see it better
I finished my tribute page but how do I get the code pin to enter to move on>
@TylerMoeller Nothing in generating. " Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '[', got 'undefined'"
And why .done?