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@callumquick you just put that url (with https://crossorigin.me/) in front of the real url you want to access and in almost all cases it will work
Lydia Larae
@callumquick Thank you! That is very helpful. Can I ask how you know that/where did you find that? I had no problem using the API for the weather app that we made, but this one is confusing.
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Robert Purcea
is there any way to style numbers?
Callum Ward
@nevaIsDreaming Surprisingly I had a lot of issues with the weather API, it works on my laptop but not my desktop, very weird! I found that just by trial and error, but there is a wikimedia page about opensearch and how to use it, you just need to know that it is the one that does the "search" functionality... I had to look through wikipedias docs for a while to find that
@nevaIsDreaming Essentially there is a lot of stuff you don't need in the docs! But also note that it is helpful to the wiki api to include a "format=json" parameter as well
Łukasz Sobek
Help pls, this throws an 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' error even though there is a callback used
function clickThis() {

  var searchText = document.getElementById("searchText").value;
  var encSearchText = encodeURI(searchText);
  var apiLink = "http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=opensearch&search=" + encSearchText + "&limit=10&namespace=0&format=json&callback=?";

 $.get(apiLink, function(data) {

  // construct output
  // display output

no wiki entry for: pls this throws an access-control-allow-origin error even though there is a callback used function clickthis var searchtext documentgetelementbyidsearchtextvalue var encsearchtext encodeurisearchtext var apilink httpenwikipediaorgwapiphpactionopensearchsearch encsearchtext limit10namespace0formatjsoncallback getapilink functiondata consolelogdata construct output display output
i am about to build a tribute page and am confused as to what user stories is and what i am supposed to be writing... can someone help me please
Łukasz Sobek
@mmarieg7 user stories tell you what the person using the page expects to experience
@mmarieg7 they are guidelines to how your code should work from the perspective of a user of the application
Callum Ward
@lukaszsobek As suggested earlier try appending https://crossorigin.me/ to the front of your apiLink and see if that works otherwise get back to me
@remdata Please link your codepen/send your code
@remdata Actually your issue might be that src needs to point to the actual image, not to a page where the image is displayed
@remdata Try src="https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/las-vegas-nv-dec-closeup-profile-dr-ben-carson-retired-neurosurgeon-republican-presidential-candidate-s-speaks-spin-66214063.jpg" instead
Łukasz Sobek
@callumquick works <3 have been struggling with this thing throughout all projects
@callumquick thank you
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Callum Ward
@lukaszsobek I also struggled, fortunately this means that I know most of the potential fixes :)
Icah Banton
@callumquick I will try that. thanks
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Jonathan Marx Domah
@remdata you are missing a quote after the src=. Should be src="
Fabio Di Pane
guys, I don't get why it's not working...
Callum Ward
Geolocation by navigator doesn't work on codepen atm because it's not secure
@saylos Also as a side note your longitude and latitude are the wrong way round in their definitions :smile:
@saylos Try http://ip-api.com/json to get the geolocation information
Łukasz Sobek
lol, "api.openweathermap.org refused to connect."
there are a lot of options
Icah Banton
@marxcom . Thanks
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Fabio Di Pane
@callumquick ahahahah I saw it just now. though I don't get why in the challenge description they don't tell about the navigator-codepen issue
@lukaszsobek @callumquick thanks
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Callum Ward
@saylos The API challenges are now quite a bit harder because of things that have changed with the way the recommended APIs work, and increased browser security measures, but I suppose FCC wants you to exercise your Read-Search-Ask mentality
Łukasz Sobek
besides, there is always something to improve - even with fcc
Anyone around to give me some helpful advice with my Tribute Page Project. https://codepen.io/Jicho/ I feel like might be overthinking this project.
Specifically with my .test-box. I was trying to give my page a color and leave a white space similar in the demo. Can I make everything with <div>'s?
Callum Ward
@Jichoat It would probably be best to group everything into divs and style them up that way, you should also try to make good use of bootstrap to make things easy for yourself
@Jichoat I think the "Volbeat" text looks really nice though!
@Jichoat You could use the "container" class (instead of "container-fluid") to make everything more central and columnal
@callumquick I will give that a shot, I may have started all this project in a weird way. I will give a try though. Thank you Callum!! :D
jichoat sends brownie points to @callumquick :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles: