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Walid Ashri
@eliecerthoms check this
@walidashri lol, was trying to implement exactly that one, but whenever I start dealing with position: absoluteon the menu bar, it breaks completely
Walid Ashri
@eliecerthoms you work in codepen?
@walidashri no, working with a templating engine, but let me see if I can set it up there
Sam Griffen
Can anyone help me on how I would access the first "extract" key in this JSON data? https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&format=json&prop=extracts%7Cinfo&titles=Harry+Potter%7CEragon&exsentences=1&exlimit=10&exintro=1&explaintext=1&inprop=url I'm working on the wiki viewer project...
Igor Amidzic
Is anyone good with css/bootstrap who can check why some of my styles are working and some aren't?
I commented my code so you can find which work and which don't more easily, thanks!
@amidzicigor i don't see the comments so not sure what you mean or where to look
Igor Amidzic
@sparklie3 In the css, there are comments
where are these comments in the css?
I don't see anything like // comment or <!-- comment -->
i think css comment is /* comment */
oh, i see them now
Igor Amidzic
@sparklie3 lol
Callum Ward
@ssgriffen Sadly you're not going to be able to get the extract without knowing in advance the Page ID
@ssgriffen Instead of action=query you'd be better to look at action=opensearch for just searching
@amidzicigor did you copy this css somewhere?
Igor Amidzic
@sparklie3 What do you mean?
i've never used the bootstrap btn on a form input
to describe the class
so for example, i don't see what you use btn btn-default as your css class to begin with, but then again, btn-default isn't really necessary even
Igor Amidzic
@sparklie3 I just found a bootstrap component that aligns buttons vertically. I simply switched the btn with a text box
@sparklie3 Yeah I took out btn-default
@sparklie3 The thing is, if you tab the '.form-signup', it works fine.
if you tab the entire section starting with .form-signup, and put it under the one right before it
hey all
it's because of this class btn-group-vertical
you'll see if you remove the class, your border-radius then functions
so the btn-group-vertical might have an override
Igor Amidzic
@sparklie3 Hmm
@sparklie3 Know any fixes for this? Is there any other way to get my textboxes to be vertical?
well, you can look up bootstrap to see how exactly btn-group-vertical works
it's a little odd you're using btn for input fields, but then again, i'm not a expert on bootstrap
maybe that's what you do, i've never used btn class for things that aren't buttons
and your input field isn't a button, it's a textbox
or inputbox
off the top of my head, you can set div, create your own class
Igor Amidzic
@sparklie3 Yeah I know, I just created a bootleg setup for the textboxes. There needed to be a btn class for them to line up
What am I doing wrong here?

function mutation(arr) {
var arr0 = arr[0].toLowerCase();
var arr1 = arr[1].toLowerCase();  
  if (arr0 === arr1){
    return true;
  } else if(arr0.indexOf(arr1, 0) === arr1.length || arr1.indexOf(arr0, 0) === arr0.length) {
    return true;
  else {
    return false;


mutation(["hello", "Hello"]);

can someone please tell me whats wrong with my code: https://codepen.io/Merryl/pen/JbaYvL?editors=0010

chrome doesnt support getlocation over http and i cant get the api to function over https
amazing stuff really
proxy like crossorigin.me doesnt work either
Firefox is throwing up errors like its gang signs

yeah, my best recommendation is to do a little less copy and paste of code, you'll understand it better or look at the bootstrap https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/blob/v4-dev/dist/css/bootstrap.css
@jdc101214 what's wrong with it
it works on my machine
@sparklie3 It a challenge Im supost to pass.
Are oyu running the code under the mutations challenge?
no, i'm just copying the code you wrote and putting it in my console
and running the one test you had
THats the challenge
well, your second else if statement