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Tyler Moeller
Not sure if scripting = coding lol
@TylerMoeller oh cool. I started 3.5 months ago. On September 15 to be exact. I'm a novice. Good luck on your projects.
Tyler Moeller
@NeelDVirus Right-click the element and choose "inspect" - you can see more of what's going on. This is how the grid works in bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid
To dig in to all the CSS behind the scenes, review the main bootstrap css file at: https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/css/bootstrap.css
@emamador Good luck to you too!
@TylerMoeller Nice to see you again!
well yeah i tried to inspect but i cudn't find out the roll of .row from there
and the link you sent me doesn't throw the light explicitly about why this happened
Paulo Tokimatu

Guys, I need some help. Why is flexbox not vertically centering my elements? If I specify my body with height: 1000px it works, but using 100% does not.


hey guys, check my latest efforts:
oops, bad link, here u are: http://codepen.io/GyckaZ/full/Gqzxaw
Ralph Nahra
hey guys what can I use to get the user's location from coordinates? I noticed that the google maps api uses https so it won't work with codepen
Tzvetlin Velev
can i get some help with javascript
Nagy Szilard
Can someone help me ? How can i make the menu bar follow when i scroll down the page?
Martine Ross
@sziko I think if you make it fixed it'll do that. I'm not completely sure but I think in the CSS you put position: fixed;
Nagy Szilard
@moi238 lol. It worked. Didn't think it was so simple, thanks!
sziko sends brownie points to @moi238 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 226 | @moi238 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/moi238
So im at the part where I'm supposed to build a tribute page. My mind went totally blank when I was told not to look at the code for the example page. What should I do?
hey all - could use some help with the Javascript Calculator challenge, but some CSS part. I’m trying to create a ‘C’ button next to the ‘results screen’ at the top left corner, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to resize it properly. I’ve tripled checked my selectors and that the <div> in which is is housed (the #top div) is properly set too. Any thoughts?
the problem code is at the bottom of the CSS tab
Hi everyone! I'm trying to set the background of the content area in my weather app, but it's not working. Been trying for about 30mins and still nothing. For some reason it works in ocdepen loading the background but not on my local machine http://codepen.io/lettda/pen/vyqapb
Also the background when it loads in codepen takes up the wrong space
Samuel Kaiser
Hey, maybe some of you can help me with my webpack-sass-related problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41368263/how-to-import-external-scss-properly-with-webpack-and-vue-js
Hey does someone know how I can make it so that the whole <li> element is clickable with the link of the <a> tag within it http://codepen.io/mixu1308/pen/oYxPQO
Samuel Kaiser
a {
  display: block;
something like that probably?
at least that's what I've seen in horizontal menus
I already have that but that doesn't seem to make the whole element clickable
only the horizontal part of the a tag
maybe that helps?
Well, what about wrapping all of the li's contents into an a tag? @mixu1308
so change it to something like this "<a href=" + data[3][i] + "><h6>" + data[1][i] + "</h6><li><p>" + data[2][i] + "</p></li></a>" I've tried it but it screws up the whole styling
@sk22 nevermind that works !
Samuel Kaiser
okay, awesome!
@sk22 thanks!
:warning: The user instance is not valid. Details: username is not unique (value: "sk22"); username User already exists (value: "sk22").
mixu1308 sends brownie points to @sk22 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
Samuel Kaiser
no problem ;)
By the way, "Search" is spelled with an h at the end ^^ @mixu1308
oh yeah, I probably deleted to get the CSS to update, for some reason it only changes with a change in html or js but not css
Samuel Kaiser
Aaand, using jQuery that way is kinda obsolete these days. You might wanna use React or something similar like Vue.js instead. @mixu1308
why whats the problem with jquery? do you mean changing the DOM or the JSON request @sk22
i need help
building my portfolio page
i need help with adding function to my navbar
im hella stuck
Samuel Kaiser
I mean that you generate the HTML by string concatenation @mixu1308