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John Nunns
sounds fun I'm sure! :)
but with the knowledge gained from the recent codewars problem I just did, I was hoping for some direction
function getCount(str) {
var sum=0
var i = str.split('');
for(var x=0; x<i.length; x++){
if (i[x] === 'a' || i[x] === 'e' || i[x] === 'i' || i[x] === 'o' || i[x] === 'u'){
sum ++;


return sum;

so I just wrote this function in order to count the vowels
it works well, it could be condensed I saw from the other answers, but it works
Now, back to that prep course challenge, I'm hoping to apply this knowledge to it
JD Tadlock
@zarruk All the very high margins are screwing with your layout. I cleaned up some of the html and changed some css http://codepen.io/jdtadlock/pen/wgeyeB?editors=0100
John Nunns
Instructions from your teacher:
Write a function called "countAllCharacters".

Given a string, "countAllCharacters" returns an object where each key is a character in the given string. The value of each key should be how many times each character appeared in the given string.

* If given an empty string, countAllCharacters should return an empty object.

var output = countAllCharacters('banana');
console.log(output); // --> {b: 1, a: 3, n: 2}

Starter Code :
function countAllCharacters(str) {
  // your code here
JD Tadlock
still doesn't work i see
do you have a link to the challenge?
John Nunns
so the code I just posted above was the answer to a codewars problem
different but similar
that one works to count vowels
but after doing that I thought why not give a go at the prep course one, which I have not written code for as yet
Coding Machine
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JD Tadlock
@johnnunns My answer is still failing or are you wanting to solve it yourself? @johnnunns
John Nunns
well when i looked at your answer, I realized I was pretty far from solving it myself
I may be a little closer now
I believed you used regex correct?
JD Tadlock
@johnnunns Yep
and .reduce()
and .map() i believe
John Nunns
you know what, let me rewatch those higher level function vids you showed me. and then also watch one on regex
JD Tadlock
for regex, you'll just google 'match blah blah' most of the time
John Nunns
is match and regex the same method?
JD Tadlock
i google regex all the time cause i'm not going to spend time figuring out the expression myself if i know it's been done 1000 times
.match() uses regex to 'match' a certain pattern in a string
@zarruk I had a go at your code too: http://codepen.io/JohnnyBizzel/pen/qRjxWp
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John Nunns
@jdtdesigns alright jd
gonna need some clarification :)
so I'm trying to apply map to my function
function countAllCharacters(str){
    var i = str.split('')
    var x = i.map(function(str){

    return i

I'm really not sure if this is even close
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JD Tadlock
@johnnunns the argument in the .map() callback refers to the current value in the array as the map iterates through it
John Nunns
is that what I should set it to
I think I'm confused on how to put map inside of a function
you wouldn't use map in this situation
map is for when you have an array, and you want to perform some type of transformation on that array
good video^
John Nunns
just watched it haha @jspeda
which higher order function would you use to solve the problem then?
you can just call .length on the string
and call it a day
or wait