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vanamove sends brownie points to @jdtdesigns :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 877 | @jdtdesigns |http://www.freecodecamp.com/jdtdesigns
JD Tadlock
John Nunns
someone in the js help spot just solved it before you logged in. While your code passes 2/3 tests, this code passes all. @jdtdesigns
function countAllCharacters(str) {
  // your code here
    var array = str.split("")
  var object = {};

  if(str.length === 0) return object;
  for(var i = 0; i < array.length; i++){
    if(object[array[i]]) object[array[i]]++;
    else object[array[i]] = 1;
  return object;


var output = countAllCharacters('banana');
can you spot a difference?
JD Tadlock
@johnnunns It's counting spaces lol
John Nunns
your code is? @jdtdesigns
JD Tadlock
i removed all non word charactes
John Nunns
yeap works
JD Tadlock
John Nunns
doesn't run html
:) haha didn't see it's on the other side
only completes 1 of 3 tests @jdtdesigns
well the third one should be an easy fix it returns and empty object if it's an empty string
Chadd Williams
hey, so i am trying to learn react, and i am making a tic tac toe game. anyway, this is the piece of code that i have for trying to check if there is a winner. when i test it, it hits my debugger when there is 3 in a row, so i know the function is running properly. but the alert will never appear. and when i type in this.checkForWinner in the console, it gives me undefined. I'm pretty lost and don't know what the issue is, or what to do
  checkForWinner() {
    var combos = [[0,1,2], [0,3,6], [0,4,8], [1,4,7], [2,5,8], [2,4,6], [3,4,5], [6,7,8]]
    combos.find(function(combo) {
      if(this.state.board[combo[0]] !== "" && this.state.board[combo[0]] === this.state.board[combo[1]] && this.state.board[combo[1]] === this.state.board[combo[2]]) {
        return this.state.board[combo[0]]
      } else {
        return false

  componentDidUpdate() {
    if (this.checkForWinner()) {
JD Tadlock
@johnnunns put this inside the function on the challenge :
return string.replace(/(.)(?=.*\1)/g, '')
    .reduce(function(result, letter) {
      var regex = new RegExp('[^' + letter + ']', 'g');
      result[letter] = string.replace(regex, '').length;

      return result;
  }, {})
i looked over the other person's code and they're not removing capital copies or non word characters
i over-complicated it basically :P
John Nunns
that's the one! :)
do you mind explaining it?
you're replacing everying inside / /
why the parentheses?
JD Tadlock
all you need to know is this expression '/(.)(?=.*\1)/g' replaces any duplicate copies of characters in the string
so i'm creating a string that has no duplicates, then iterating through each character and getting the amount of duplicates from the original string using string.replace(regex, '').length
a simple regex to match everything except a single character is [^a] where 'a' is the character to leave out
the '/g' at the end just means to match as many as it can find in the entire string
without the 'g' it would just find the first then stop
JD Tadlock
make sense at all @johnnunns ?
John Nunns
that top expression is just a known one to do that? and I can find that where when I need to look it up?
JD Tadlock
any regex can be found pretty quickly with google :P
John Nunns
what would I type into google to find that?
JD Tadlock
search 'replace duplicates regex'
John Nunns
JD Tadlock
like i said before, i'm not a master regex'er
i google a lot myself when the need rises
John Nunns
right on
ok cool so duplicate copies of characters
Abdijabar Yussuf Mohamed
Hello guys, Any suggestion on how I can improve my tribute page ? https://codepen.io/aymohamed/pen/egWgmQ
John Nunns
don't we need those duplicates thought o count those?
instead of replacing them?
I guess what I'm not seeing is the need for the replace code