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Prakash Shiwakoti
But now all of a sudden I can't see it
Franco Javier Danussi
Try to get the JSON again
Chris Cullen
I Get this error when I try to load my paper.js Examples from a fresh download with no modifications...IVE tried dloading 3 different versions but still no worky.
Any help!!!??
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND paper-full.js ---- style.css
Franco Javier Danussi
@pshiwakoti1 Wish you good luck, I'm going to bed. Erase the changes and get the JSON again, then try to assign the content to the html with JQuery or QuerySelector, you are almost there
Vincent D'Onofrio
@pshiwakoti1 it has to do with https security
the previews both work here :smile: but if you got to the http:// version you should be able to do everything
Prakash Shiwakoti
yes I am doing without https
just http url
@donofriov will you please let me know why I am not able to see data on my browser. I was seeeing it before
that isn’t what you want
Prakash Shiwakoti
it worked
but Im not able to filter out the json data
how do I display in html
Vincent D'Onofrio
that url definitely doesn’t work
I would suggest simplying your second api call down
you use .getJSON to make your first request, but .ajax for your second one
why not just use .getJSON again?
hey im having trouble with boostrap. Im trying to get my bulletpointed facts to be centered so i made 3 divs in a div row but my center row goes all the way to the left side bc the first and third divs have nothing in them
Vincent D'Onofrio
do you want the 3 divs to be side by side, or on top of each other?
i want to have a div 3 col wide with nothing in it, a 6 col wide div where I can put text and a list in it, and a 3 col wide div with nothing in it
like so that the text is centered in a middle column on the screen
@mscirocco8 do you mind posting your link?
Vincent D'Onofrio
ok cool, you can use offset
so you actually don’t even need the first and third div
you can do a col-6 offset- 3 on the one div and it should center it
may not be the exact right numbers, but play around with that and see where you end up
oh it worked tysm @donofriov
Prakash Shiwakoti
@donofriov it worked. I am able to get Rain data
Vincent D'Onofrio
no problem!
Prakash Shiwakoti
But I still don't know how to filter out the data from API
for each data do I have to do document.querySelector('#temp').innerText = data.weather[0].main;
off course last parameter will change
Vincent D'Onofrio
can you save your pen so I can see the updated code?
Prakash Shiwakoti
pls don't access htts
use http
Vincent D'Onofrio
i am but just need you to save real quick
Prakash Shiwakoti
Albert L. C.
guys how can i push an object to an array if the object name is from another array?

var streamerStatus = [];
var streamers = ['x', 'y', 'z'];

for (var i = 0; i < streamers.length; i++){
streamerStatus.push({streamers[i]: 'true'});

Vincent D'Onofrio
@pshiwakoti1 i don’t see your code working on codepen.. so it’s really difficult to help you debug
Chris Cullen

GET file:///C:/Users/Chris/Documents/Coding/Sublime/Interactive/Assets/paper.js-develop/paper.js-develop/dist/paper-full.js net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

<!DOCTYPE html>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css">

<script  src="Assets/paper.js-develop/paper.js-develop/dist/paper-full.js"></script> //THIS FILE!!!!!

WHy cant my html find my paper-full.js file!?/?

Vincent D'Onofrio
oh wait it’s working now! @pshiwakoti1 weather[0].main is correct
for me it says Fog on your page now
Prakash Shiwakoti
ok great
but Im not good at json