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@achudoz that seems like the hacker solution
And it still looks off even when i do that
Zhu Wei
@achudoz I tried your method but it still didn't work.https://codepen.io/pen/
Ken Haduch
@reeversedev - that page shows what I outlined above, $.ajax() is a jquery function, then you add .done( function() { ]) after the closing parentheses of the ajax call? Or am I not seeing what you're seeing? The example that they show has it that way?
@roeP you will get there. Fiddle with it and you will understand it eventually. i replaced your <button> with a <div> and it looks the same and now your link is clickable
Prateek Gogia
@khaduch I did exactly the same as it's being shown in the example, my friend.
Wait. Imma send you the code again.
Ken Haduch
@reeversedev - the code that was posted above has $done? I'll see your next post...
@janepohorecka yeah that is a dirty solution, it was just an example that the desired effect can be achieved using negative margins. I suggest you clean up your css and add one class that postions all the inputs in the way that you want
Prateek Gogia

@khaduch $(document).ready(function(){

function getCurrentWeather() {
       url: 'http://samples.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather/' ,
       jsonp: 'jsonp',
       data: {
           id: '2172797',
           appid: 'b1b15e88fa797225412429c1c50c122a1'
       type: "GET",
       dataType: "jsonp",

    .done(function(json) {


I did something wrong. You were right. I am sorry for that.
@zhuwei12 yes it does. Check it out here.
Prateek Gogia
But still it is having errors.
Adithya Reddy
Hello everyone
Anil Paliwal
Tic tac toe http://codepen.io/anil98/full/ZLPajQ how is it
Hey... do I've to trust the Full page view... or Debug Mode? :|
debug should be better, but it expires after a while. So when you are constructing and want to check it throughout the process, full-page view is more comfortable to use
@achudoz because with my mobile version of the app... I've two TOTALLY different versions. The full page is more similar to a smartphone navigation... in debug I've like ALL the content in a page.
what I did when doing responsive pages was to open a full-page view my phone, tablet and desktop and was checking them out like this. It worked for me very well
@Gentarozzo debug is great, but as I said, it expires after a while and you have to generate a new one, which I found reather annoying
@achudoz ok thanks a lot
gentarozzo sends brownie points to @achudoz :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 278 | @achudoz |http://www.freecodecamp.com/achudoz
@achudoz so i fixed it, and learn about the jumborton in the why :+1: now i need a hint: in the example page there is a text below the img and both are "attatch" to one and other
is it somthing that i do in the <img> or adding another jumborton inside?
@roeP italiano? :p usa i margini su CSS
@Gentarozzo israel..
@Gentarozzo because of the car? :smile:
@roeP So use the CSS margin! .... (because of the car yes)
@roeP Just change the margin-bottom of the image and put some space in it
@Gentarozzo i will try
@roeP On the example page it is done by having the image and the text in the same div. something like this:
<div class="imageAndTextDiv">
<img src="imgsrc.com/imgsrc.jpg" alt="">
<p> imagedescription</p>
@roeP alwo your image is overflowing. Fix that by giving it a max-width of 100% or less
Hey, guys :) I have been trying to solve one problem this whole morning and I can't figure it out.. I have white spaces between my inputs that I can't seem to get rid of. Could anyone please offer me a solution? https://codepen.io/janepoho/pen/oZvvKQ
@achudoz i manage to resize the img and to center it, but the text is't in its place even when i put it in the same div
hey, did anyone use the freeweathermap api?

@janepohorecka I know you didn't really like my answer to your problem before, so I took a closer look at the css and when I add

  margin: 0;
  width: 102.2%;

to your fieldset, the margins disappear at least on my screen. The let's talk box overflows, but you can adjust that too and you will be set

Zhu Wei
@achudoz It's so strange,I use the same code like u,but I can't display the right result.https://codepen.io/Shallwe/pen/EWYwMb
i would be crazy
Mahak Singh
@janepohorecka wrap all your inputs in a single fieldset, instead of creating a fieldset for each input
Paul Aniculaesei
hello.I have to make a tribute page.But I cant load the image on code pen.Can you help me please?Thank you
how can i load an image?
@zhuwei12 it is weird. It might be that you are using jQuery 2.1.3. while I am using jQuery 3.1.1.
@Aniculaesei what did you try? Can you show your Codepen pen?