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Vincent Del Vecchio
copy and paste the url that shows in your address bar when you're editing your pen
Courtney Church-Fasula
Amit Patel
@DVecc thanks bro! I'll see if I can animate the hamburger icon to an X when it's open
amitp88 sends brownie points to @dvecc :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:warning: amitp88 already gave dvecc points
Courtney Church-Fasula
I even tried with an image I know renders on an actual website and same issue
Vincent Del Vecchio
first problem is you wrote scr instead of src
and when using an image url you need to copy the images direct url by right clicking on an image and selecting copy image address
that's the url for the image itself
Courtney Church-Fasula
lol Awesome. Thanks!!!
Vincent Del Vecchio
You're going to need to play around with the css sizing since the image is so large lol
Courtney Church-Fasula
for sure... thanks againg.
Vincent Del Vecchio
you also may want to change to bootstrap 3.3.7 instead of 4
FCC uses the 3.3.7 and some things may not work correctly in 4
instead of the 4.0 url
Courtney Church-Fasula
awesome, that fixed the image.
you rock!
Vincent Del Vecchio
You'll have to use that url every time you create a new codepen project, like when you start the portfolio project
since codepen auto imports the newest version
Courtney Church-Fasula
Perfect, I'll make a note for myself.
Hi everybody!
I've some issue with Flexbox on a project
I'm trying to make my portfolio page using Flexbox utilities in Bootstrap 4.
Here my pen: http://codepen.io/Aloap/pen/oZjoap
I can't align the menu stuff on the right of the page neither with the flex-row-reverse, nor with the justify-content-end but the d-flex row is all the width possible.
Can anyone please explain me why?
Thank you!
Siddarth Krishnan
can someone help me with twitch tv?
or no?
how do i get the twitch api?
can someone please tell me?
how do i get the twitch api?
Siddarth Krishnan
would this be the api?
for freecodecamp
@siddarthk123 An API is the endpoint you are speaking to. So the "api" would be https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/
@siddarthk123 What you are showing is data coming from the API. Most likely the channel data for the freecodecamp channel.
Alan Saber
hey guys! got a problem with my calculator. at devices under 550 px the buttons arent on same line anymore. i tried everything with bootstrap(xs-3 etc.) http://codepen.io/BearCoding/pen/rmyQad
@Alan95 You're using Bootstrap 4 in your project and there is no col-xs-* class in bootstrap 4. Change col-xs-3 to col-3 and it will fix your buttons.
You'll also need to get rid of the margins and widths though. Bootstrap is probably going to hurt more than help with a project like this where you want buttons to be the same size.
Alan Saber
@skycoder01 oh iwas using it along time and i didnt know that there is a newer version! thanks a lot. i lltry to figure it out thanks
alan95 sends brownie points to @skycoder01 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 1223 | @skycoder01 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/skycoder01
hey ! I am trying to add sme images to a carousel slideshow... is there a way to resize them so they look good within the code editor...or do I have to use photoshop (if yes how do I know which size to change em to ? )
anyone help ?
@cehu You can make them background images inside each carousel image container and use background-size: cover. If that isn't the look you want, then editing them to be the same aspect ratio will work fine.
@SkyCoder01 how can I tell which size to make them ?
thx for the reply
@cehu They need to be the same Height x Width to look uniform. The size depends on how big you want them to be - that is, how big your carousel can get.
Hi! I need help. I'm stuck how to get the value of quoteText from this API. http://api.forismatic.com/api/1.0/?method=getQuote&key=457653&format=json&lang=en. Need this for the Random Quote Generator. tnx
Keon Samuel
nav vs navbar?

Hey All! I'm not sure I'm in the right room, so I apologize if I'm in the wrong, please do tell me where to go :) My question is CSS related.

I'm having some trouble with an element not being shown on top, when the element it's on top of, has an opacity below 1 :S Might sound confusing, so here's a jsFiddle with a comment to describe: https://jsfiddle.net/gu5djp63/1/ Basically, when ever my main section has an opacity below 1, my drop down menu is placed behind it, instead of on top of it ? At first I thought it was a z-index problem, but z-index doesn't change anything :S Anyone have an idea ? Thanks in advance :)