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is it adding some kind of commentary in the cde
nah, it means that the person who is on site is able to experience this or that. Its kind of like guidelines of what your site should be able to provide or do for the user.
so i dont have to add anything in to accomplish that part of the task?
let me have a look at the challenge to make sure, 1 sec
just the fact that have a tribute page with image and text and a link that takes the user to an external source of further information mean that ive done that part

User Story: I can view a tribute page with an image and text.

User Story: I can click on a link that will take me to an external website with further information on the topic.

Yep you fulfilled all those stories!
you can move on :)
thanks bro
good job
for someone whos been coding for three days was my first page a job well done then?
ah thanks! much appreciated
yeah pretty impressive! but everyone learns at a different rate, you can even spice up your tribute page later down the road when you learn more
this is my tribute page
thats awesome!
will keep trucking forward!
Khoa Le
@jonathanpuc are U a Vietnamese ??
@Zacele no my heritage is east timorese and chinese, born in Australia
Khoa Le
oh nice anyway your tribute page about Kobe is pretty dope
thanks man :)
Jakub Kałamarz
Hello, can any1 tell me, why every element of html is displayed in new line?
@kkalamarz , it is one line of text that is wrapped so that it fits in to the white box. If you make the box bigger it will take up less lines.
Jakub Kałamarz
@roxroy When i use bootstrap col-md-6 for two element, it should be one next to another?

@all when i click section 1 section 1 content opens.

when i click section 1 content back it closes but when it closes i see it two times.
when section 1 body is about to close i see section 1 content but green background is dissappeared
i debugged the code when i printed children it printed section 1 only once.
i debugged react addon.js code...there also it called setValueForProperty for only once.
providing my code in the fiddle.

@kkalamarz , that would work in bootstrap 3.3.7 but you are using BS4, which has different classes for the grid.
Jakub Kałamarz
@roxroy I will look at bootstrap4 doc
@roxroy thanks
kkalamarz sends brownie points to @roxroy :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 796 | @roxroy |http://www.freecodecamp.com/roxroy
Vanessa Valentine Laurentz
@jonathanpuc wow what a awesome tribute page you got there! did you learn all that in just free code camp? how long have you been coding?
Does anyone knows how to use a picture for a background? i just started on the portfolio
Bill Hefty
@vanessavalentine you can use CSS background: url("https://image.jpg");
i was doing the weather app challenge.. it was working fine.. now it stopped working. i may have miss clicked or done something unknowingly. help me to fix this. http://codepen.io/Spectre004/pen/oWWLrX/
I'm doing the Dr. Norman challenge
What link should I add to the src attribute to add the image?
@sreeram004 , its an issue with codepen. Try this link, notice it is using https not http
@colourmein13 , can;' find that challenge, can you check for the exact name.
hi guys
why is free code camp not accepting this?
  .red-text {

    color: red;



<p>Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.</p>
Use a CSS Class to Style an Element ...
@bowssy88 , you are missing the class="red-text' for the element. That is how you apply a style to an element.