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Ruchika Sharma
@Manish-Giri I solved it, ty
ruchika90 sends brownie points to @manish-giri :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 6565 | @manish-giri |http://www.freecodecamp.com/manish-giri
@gkemp94 How do I trigger the error?
George Kemp
I'm trying to print to the console the first element in the array "dataArray"
and I can't figure out how to do it.
because the next step is to print out to the console the a specified dictionary object contained within the dataArray
That's an updated pen
piteto is right, you need to wait until all requests have finished before trying to access the array.
George Kemp
How can I make sure all requests have finished?
You could use Promise.all
But first you need to construct an array of promises for each request, which will be resolved after each of them has finished
@gkemp94 I would start by making your getinfo function to return a Promise
@gkemp94 From what I see, you call firstFunction() when your document is ready, that's when you try to access dataArray, but dataArray isn't populated until your second getJSON is complete processing all the users in your array
George Kemp
The promise might be over my head. I was trying to use a callback but I don't think I used it correctly
callback counters might be easier
George Kemp
Is there a good resource to learn how to use promise>
Add this to the end of your second getJSON: if(dataArray.length === userIds.length) refreshHTML()
I have a mongodb question. From what I've heard it is considered a good pratice to embed user object inside the content attributed to them (such as post.author). Assuming that I follow this pattern, how do I go about renaming the user in the future? Would I have to update every piece of content ever created by this user?
then you are guaranteed that dataArray has all the data before you call your refreshHTML function
@mpontus I think the people over in the back end room might be able to help out better: https://gitter.im/FreeCodeCamp/HelpBackEnd
@piteto Thank you!
mpontus sends brownie points to @piteto :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 145 | @piteto |http://www.freecodecamp.com/piteto
People who know mongo do visit here though
but you're guaranteed to find knowledgeable people over there :)
@gkemp94 If this helps explain it better: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/wrzOoY?editors=0011
George Kemp
@piteto oh and that's what you were saying earlier!
that makes sense
To be honest, it makes things a little complicated to parse the data from the API and put it in another object that you have to parse all over again. It would be more efficient to grab it from the API and use it right away
George Kemp
@piteto I was doing that earlier, but I'm adding a feature where you can add and subtract users, and I didn't to have to fetch the users each time you added or removed a username
I definitely made it more complicated, but I'm trying to challenge myself
Okay, yeah, I hadn't considered that feature. Maybe you'd want to look into session storage and keep the data there instead? It would be available to your web page as long as the browser is tab is open.
Definitely good to challenge yourself - I did the bare minimum for that, might kick myself later :)
George Kemp
@piteto I've kind of skimmed the past few, so I wanted to spend a lot of time on this one making sure I understand it thoroughly! Sounds like you're well ahead of it! :)
Ismail Hozain
hey could anyone help me deploy something to the web with surge from my computer
i am having issues with it because it is not showing up on the web
but it says it worke
but it wont let me clik on the link in my command prompt

hellow fam
i got the solution correct now
but i have a question
my first solution is this. i got the requirements correct except for the other one.
bob instanceof Person should return true. im getting this incorrect.

my first solution:

 /*var first = firstAndLast.split(' ')[0];
    var last = firstAndLast.split(' ')[1];

    return  {
      getFullName: function() {
        var fullName = first + ' ' + last;
        return fullName;

      getFirstName: function() {
        return first;

      getLastName: function() {
        return last;

      setFirstName: function(newFirst) {
         first = newFirst;

      setLastName: function(newLast) {
         last = newLast;

      setFullName: function(newFullname) {
        first = newFullname.split(' ')[0];
        last = newFullname.split(' ')[1];
         //firstAndLast = newFullname;

var bob = new Person('Bob Ross');

but on my 2nd solution
this is my 2nd solution i got everything correct. i just used the .this keyword. i dont know why. i just followed the given sample that was initialize

var Person = function(firstAndLast) {

    var fname = firstAndLast.split(' ')[0];
    var lname = firstAndLast.split(' ')[1];

    //Complete the method below and implement the others similarly
    this.getFullName = function() {
      var fullname = fname + ' ' + lname;
      return fullname;

    this.getFirstName = function() {
      return fname;

    this.getLastName = function() {
      return lname; 

    this.setFirstName = function(newFirst) {
      fname = newFirst;

    this.setLastName = function(newLast) {
      lname = newLast;

    this.setFullName = function(newFull) {
      fname = newFull.split(' ')[0];
      lname = newFull.split(' ')[1];


var bob = new Person('Bob Ross');
bob.setFullName('bruh haa');
Ismail Hozain
hmm interesting
Bhoomi Khanderia
Hi ! I am trying to implement bootstrap navbar. I want my logo to be center aligned which I am not able to achieve. Can anyone please suggest the solution. Please check my code: https://codepen.io/Bhoomi/pen/QqKRQm
@Bhoomi-Github It depends on how you want it to look. You might try this suggestion
guys in this code i cant access to body. i just wanna change the background-color: black; or something but it doesnt work
please help me