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George Kemp
Anybody here an expert on regex?
I'm getting some bizarre results that I don't understand.
@imshubhamsingh nice pen
help me guy, i learn discrete mathematics, plz introduce me a forum like this, plz, guy......
Shubham Singh
@gkemp94 @GitHub-Henry I know...
@buiphuking what do u mean?
@gkemp94 there's several small sites that you can actually test your expressions
@OrangeKulture i need a place like this to ask any thing about discrete mathematic
@buiphuking Try asking on reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming
This place is for asking about the Front End Projects at Free Code Camp - building a quote machine, weather app, etc.
Moisés Man
googling "math forums" shows a lot of results
Sajid Unar
@buiphuking try irc or you canc reate your channel ;) maybe u can get people here
@piteto @sajidunnar thank
buiphuking sends brownie points to @piteto and @sajidunnar :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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:cookie: 27 | @sajidunnar |http://www.freecodecamp.com/sajidunnar
Guys . why my text editor show this message : " 'document' is not defined " . my javascript code doesn't work
Moisés Man
...probably u should show ur javascript code
@mradil16 It might be because your code is running before the DOM is ready
use window.onload or $(handler)
Hi, guys. I'm trying to get an animation going with waypoints and JS. Unfortunately, i can't figure out the best way for the JS to stop after appearance of said waypoint. The waypoint is a general class (animated.css classes added). And I'm trying to get a nested element within it to run once
There are three instances of it.
guy i have a question. did you notice that theres a diff between fccs formula for orbital period from google. or is it the website??
   this fcc formula to get the orbital period
   //T = (2 * PI * SQRT[earthRadius + avgAlt] / GM);
   this on google. link :http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/circles/Lesson-4/Mathematics-of-Satellite-Motion
   //T = SQRT [(4 • pi2 • R3) / (G*Mcentral)]
still trying to figure out why my personal portfolio page wont fit a phone srceen after using containers. could someone help me ? https://codepen.io/arolf_flora/full/WEoYmd/
Can anyone help me with navbars?
@playingwithinfinity whats up
Alex Thompson
Can someone help me with a big on my calculator project? It has more to do with the css than the actual calculator
basically I don't know why the background is essentially two rectangles, I just want it to be one smooth gradient
checking the dev tools - your body and html are only as big as the top rectangle
Guys . Is there an alternative for CSS filter property in IE 10+ ?
you can set a size of the body height: 100vh;
will make it extend down, but im checking if there's a property for it, which might be a better way to go
Alex Thompson
@moT01 ah thanks so much that worked. So is the body set to a default height then unless you specify?
amthomps11 sends brownie points to @mot01 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 863 | @mot01 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/mot01
pretty sure it will just expand to fit whatever is in it
unless you set a size
Ken Haduch
@hifede - it doesn't look like you are using the screen-size column settings to make the portfolio page responsive? I'm not that familiar with Bootstrap 4, I have to check if the column class definitions have changed.
Ken Haduch
@hifede - okay, that is one thing that hasn't changed in Bootstrap 4 - the column classes have to be set up with a screen-size designation for them to be used responsively. For example, col-lg-6 will use 6 columns on a large screen, and the full width of anything that is smaller than the bootstrap breakpoint for lg. So if you are trying to set up for that behavior, I think that you have to make that change. Also, the container-fluid class is the one that you might want to use, since it gives a full-width content area?
Also, your "Flora's portfolio" text is rather large - to me that seems a limiting factor in how narrow your page will set up on a mobile device?
Trevor Guinn
Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with my code. I have added a small photo gallery on my portfolio page. When I minimize the browser to the smallest break-point the images respond correctly but the section that they are bound to does not extend past the area of the photos so the gallery bleeds over into the contact page. I'm not sure what to use to make the background respond with the responsiveness of the images. Can anyone help?
@trev-of-ev Change height: 750px to min-height: 750px so it can grow taller when needed
It would also look a little nicer if you added the section class to each of your <section> tags. You'll need to remove the first <section> you use at the top of your page if you do that, but in the end, each <section> would get a little bit of padding at the edges
Trevor Guinn
@piteto You rock! Thank you!
trev-of-ev sends brownie points to @piteto :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 153 | @piteto |http://www.freecodecamp.com/piteto
You're welcome
Fabien SHAN
Hi Guys, in the Binary agent intermediate algo, how do you get the ASCII from the binary value? fromCharCode doesnt seem to accept it