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hows it going fellow campers
i guess chat is quite dead
@OrangeKulture Yea it gets less because the chat is not on the freecodecamp website anymore
yeah we should probably start a revolution
Bartek Lewandowski
@alpox so theyre pushing the use of the forum i suppose? and the chat rooms might slowly get more quiet - bummer
Amit Patel
hey guys, I'm refactoring my code and I'm running into an error "Cannot read property 'cell_x' of undefined" at line 36. I've read and inspected my code a few times, but I still can't see what's causing the error. Please, any help would be highly appreciated
try this.cell_x
maybe not
@moT01 yes exactly
maybe ill have to go complain
@AmitP88 i feel like there's two instances of cell x and y in there or something
is that intentional
maybe im wrong on that
Amit Patel
@moT01 oh, I resolved it. turns out I was trying to use an object key value pair to create another key value pair within the same object. I was told I couldn't do that while the object was still being made
@moT01 thanks for looking into it though, I really appreciate it :)
amitp88 sends brownie points to @mot01 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 866 | @mot01 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/mot01
Hey guys I have a problem with my simon game: When the computer play it activates all the buttons at the same time. Is there a way to do this one after another besides using setTimeout()?
maybe if you share your code someone could find another way for you
set timeout is probly the way to go
but you might be able to put a css transition delay on it or something
this is one version of it, might be a little messy atm. the important functions here are "activateSquare" and "activateSeries"
@nusli is it not working or are you just looking for another way
@moT01 i know that settimeout would work but im looking for another way. The code i posted isn't working
Ken Haduch
@nusli - one problem is that the setTimeout calls that you make do not run sequentially, they would all run pretty much at the same time. You can add additional time to each subsequent invocation of setTimeout so that they would eventually fire at approximately the rate you are looking for. At least that's my guess at what is going on, without having too much time to delve into the operation of the code.
David Chen
anyone familiar with php and mysqli stuff
is anyone here familiar with using the google maps api with a framework like React or AngularJS, namely a way to consume it without the use of another script tag?
@khaduch i know. I was looking for another way of doing this. I thought of promises but obviously that's not working
@nusli your resolve() is firing immediately when activateSquare() is called - it needs to be called after the square finishes rotating
If you want a different approach though, it seems jQuery's .queue() method could work well here
  //function declarations
  function activateSquare(id) {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      $("#" + id).addClass("square-rotate").delay(500).queue(function() {
Hi all, I want to create a clickable header button at the top that will take you to a particular section. Can someone review the approach and comment why this is not working. https://codepen.io/CXmanager/pen/mwwxYq
Ken Haduch
@CXmanager - a couple things that I see right off - your <div id=container> should be <div id="container"> But your button is working - either you fixed it since you posted the question, or the problem is that your content area is so small at this point that there isn't any scrolling that has to be done. If you shrink your rendered page area and click the "Portfolio" link, it will scroll the window up to show the portfolio section.
hey @khaduch
Ken Haduch
@moT01 - howdy Tom!
wanna attempt to fix an issue im having?
or help me figure it out
Ken Haduch
@moT01 - I can give it a shot...
well, ill explain it, don't feel obligated if you dont want to...
im making a snake game
i enlarged the pieces
the food location is randomly generated
sometimes it shows up where the head of the snake it
there's an xyHistory array with the location of all the snake pieces
(where you shouldn't be able to put the food)
and it works for all the spots but the head, meaning it shows up in the exact same spot as is last was when you eat it