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damn i'm working all alone again on redoing a page from scratch :) just 1 day left :/
i really need your help on this :)
can use css grid or bootstrap ?
@X140hu4 any thoughts ?
Hello Fellow campers,
I am stuck on my first project of building a tribute page, can anyone help me as I am inserting a picture into the codes but it's not displaying.
@Umurerwa08 Hope this helps
Long Nguyen
@linkin-park what do you mean one day left?
good question @longnt80 i need to do a reverse engineer some site and i have a day left for my homework
Long Nguyen
@linkin-park what are the requirements?
they have given a website :)
cant share the link of the website , since its given never share site online for the purpose of homework - guidelines todo homework :(
Long Nguyen
@linkin-park I'd say do it with vanilla css using css grid
don't use bootstrap
my question is what if the old browser didnt support grid :?
Long Nguyen
how old
not sure about that :fire:
Long Nguyen
@linkin-park you can apply progessive enhancement method
linkin-park @linkin-park googles progressive enhance......
Long Nguyen
write styles that support old browsers, then ..
use feature query to write css that can make use of css grid
so basically, old browsers that don't support grid will look different
something like this:
/* css for old browsers */

@supports (display: grid) {
    /* css for grid supported browsers */ 
Markus Kiili
@longnt80 @supports is not supported by IE ;)
Long Nguyen
that's why you put it under / css for old browsers /
@linkin-park btw, depends on your goal
if you're into front end and css then use vanilla css and grid
otherwise, you can use bootstrap to make a quick website
well i thought of using grid - its f! cool .
then got scared of old browsers
Long Nguyen
@linkin-park that's why I asked about the requirement
if there's no requirement to support old browser, just use grid
I think grid will become mainstream next year, IE's gonna adopt grid by the end of this year
thanks @longnt80 @Masd925
linkin-park sends brownie points to @longnt80 and @masd925 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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:star2: 4518 | @masd925 |http://www.freecodecamp.com/masd925
Back to you friends :)
@longnt80 how are you doing ?
Ariana Giroux
anybody able to help me out with a problem?
Coy Sanders
what's up @EclectickMedia ?
i'm going through elm , well is it better if i go with React / Vue ?
elm its great i came across Elm from a fellow camper :)
Long Nguyen
@Zerka1982 I'm good, how are you?
@longnt80 Can I ask you a question please ;)
@longnt80 Im doing very well, thank you!
zerka1982 sends brownie points to @longnt80 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Fabien SHAN
@Zerka1982 If you have a question do not hesitate to ask :) not everyone is looking at the chat constinuously ^^;
The question is: When I hover the anchor (the left side of the page). When I click I want to keep it displayed
later :)