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so ur maps are always random?
did u use canvas?
hit 'm' after it loads to see the map
after you start
i made a 2d array, and used a table
probly not the best way to go
my buddy just wrote an article about how he did this one that i used
sweet thanks, did u use phaser?
no, what's phaser
a js library to make html games
what did u use to make the graphics and the characters?
basically the algorithm takes a 2d array and, and just randomly walks around it and turns everything it walks on to 1's or whatever
i took that 2d array, mapped it to a <table> and gave the elements classes
so if the array had a 0, it was a wall or something, and if it had a 1 it was a hallway
room whatever
like i said, that's probly not the best way to go
but, i dunno, it was what i was familiar with at the time
i feel u
thats what i did for game of life
the blocks are those also pngs?
yea, i think all the images are pngs
i had to do so gimp work with some of them
and i must have put another element in the <td> of the table for the items and stuff
cheap man's version of photoshot
Ben Hart
I seem to have broken codepen...
what did I do?
welp, fixed it enough for codepen to let me debug at least
you didn't ask much of a question for me to be able to help, but the twitchSort function wasn't closed
Ben Hart
yeah i figured that out
now on to my real question -- are there any good resources for figuring out promises on foreach loops? the more i read about promises and deferred objects the more confused i am
I dont have anything specific
i dont think promises are necessary for this project
nesting them in a forEach loop, im not sure about that
Ben Hart
oh, maybe someone sent me on a wild goose chase, how would you approach it?
the forEach loop should be enough by itself
Ben Hart
hmm, ok, well I was able to get back a bunch of objects, the problem is that the data seems to be scrambled when I put it through the operation make it HTML
specifically twitchers[i] seems to survive long enough to be passed into the ajax call, but turns into a single letter when i try to reference it in the success function - is there something weird going on with scope?)
im not seeing what you're seeing
but I think that twitchers variable next to the data in the success shouldn't be there
  $.each(twitchers, function(i){ 
        type: "GET",
        dataType: "jsonp",
        url: 'https://wind-bow.gomix.me/twitch-api/streams/'+twitchers[i],
        success: function(data){