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thanks @jtan3
ryan-ed sends brownie points to @jtan3 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Stephen James
@Seahchye colorIndex would replace your i in the for loop - a global index into your colors
@Bhoomi-Github Lil bit of jquery :-)
Bhoomi Khanderia
@alpox Hi! Yes I was googling it but did not find anyhting specific. I want an image to appear on scroll and settle with overshoot kind of animation
Renan Cunha
Hey guys! Newbie here.
Just finish my first project (The tribute page). Could someone review ?
Pascal Clanget

Hey folks, I get this error in my react application:

POST http://localhost:4000/graphql 500 (Internal Server Error)
HTTPFetchNetworkInterface.fetchFromRemoteEndpoint @ apollo.umd.js:520
(anonymous) @ apollo.umd.js:535

This is my networkInterface:

const networkInterface = createNetworkInterface({
  uri: "http://localhost:4000/graphql",
  opts: {
    credentials: "same-origin",
    mode: "no-cors" //remove this for production => Security!

Did I declare something wrong? Without the anti cors option, I get an cross-server-error.

Pascal Clanget
@sarkioja looks good. Add target="_blank" to the link so that they work properly when being clicked on
Renan Cunha
@Gh05d Tks for the heads up! I forgot about that. Already update the code.
Shahe Imran
Hey Guys, I am new to this Group
Markus Kiili
@imonboss Hi.
Shahe Imran
Hi @Masd925
Ken Haduch
@imonboss - hey, welcome to freeCodeCamp (if you're new to the program) and welcome to HelpFrontEnd
Shahe Imran
Yes I am brand New to this world @khaduch
Ken Haduch
@imonboss - welcome aboard!
Shahe Imran
Thanks Captain @khaduch
imonboss sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Ken Haduch
@imonboss :)
Shahe Imran
@khaduch :D
Hope I will have all the Noob Help I need from this awesome community :)
Ken Haduch
good to have new people coming into the chat rooms - there used to be a lot more activity here, it's a good learning environment, many good contributors to help out here.
Shahe Imran
Happy to be part of this nice community! Hopefully I will learn many new things
How can I use the link in 27th Line JS to add background image or icon to https://codepen.io/lion18/pen/yzrKQw
which link if u can send/
Tunde Oretade
hi all any ideas on how to split multiple results from wikisearch into paragraphs in my html on the fly?. that is I want my html to know the amount of search result and then create that amount of paragraphs and then slot each results into their respective paragraphs in no particular order?
how are you getting results / or what do results come as
i had single div and i would append each item to
@tundeiness In the Ajax success code block — success: function (data) { ... } — you could create an array to hold the results of data.query.pagesand then use the length of that array to create a loop which creates the right number of paragraphs, each with one of the results.
Max Voronov
Hello everyone :)
Kaz Baig
@maxv :wave:
Marius Nicolae
Hello guys, can someone help in understanding a little problem ?
A-J Roos
@bytao7mao You post the problem you have and someone will assist if they can
Marius Nicolae

I have the following :

"Create a view consisting of a list of battles. The list should be:
-filterable by attacker and /or defender country;
-searchable by country (eg. I search for italy, the list should display only battle with italy as defender or attacker)
UI/UX bonus points!
API: www.exampleee.com/en/etc

I have a json file and from what i understand i have to make some API calls ?
Max Voronov
@bytao7mao The link leads to an error page
Marius Nicolae
the link is fictiv
Marius Nicolae
I understand that : if i make a search box and it returns the country with the battle as defender or attacker winner or what ?
Ivan Ngundela
hello everyone...I'm working on my portfolio website and need some help.. the link is https://ingundela.github.io/portfolionew/ I want to change the color of the navigation menu from white to light grey but when I target the nav-item a it changes the all list and the spyscroll does not work.. please help.. all I want is just to change the color white and also have I hover it it changes to the yellow as #navbarNav .nav-link.active {
color: #FDCD3B;
Hello everyone, I 'm having a little trouble centering an image using bootstrap3. I've tried a number of different code strings but no luck. Any one have an idea what I am doing wrong?
Renan Cunha
@rdavidson3 Already tried to nest the image under a div with class="thumbnail center" ?
Max Voronov
@rdavidson3 Please upload code example in codepen so we can play with it
This is the latest attempt. (FYI I'm still not sure how to use code markdown as was recommened last night)

<H1 class="text-center"> Nikola Tesla</H1>

<div class="container">
<div class="col-sm-5" >
<img class="img-responsive center-block" src= "http://cdn.wonderfulengineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Tesla-compulsions-and-thinking3.jpg">

<div class="text-center">The Master of Electricity</div>

@maxv @sarkioja thanks for the response. I tried creating another <div> with class thumbnail center but, alast still not center.
rdavidson3 sends brownie points to @maxv and @sarkioja :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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