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@khaduch Thank you for all the feed back. Can you check it again and see if the time difference bug still persists? https://codepen.io/SL0TR/pen/aLjyJz
@khaduch And also here's a new thing that I've worked on, any feedback would be very appreciated. And for the responsive parts, I didn't make them mobile responsive yet as I'm barely getting time for my personal projects. :(
Sorin Ruse
@SL0TR i would set for the class .time-with-icon the width: auto; instead of 10% and maybe , also add some padding-bottom like 10px
@sorinr Are you talking about the Weather app?
Sorin Ruse
@SL0TR yep
@thank you, will look into it. Can you review the Wikipedia Viewer? :)
Tunde Oretade
@candlefish okay...can we do private chats?
Tiago Correia
@alpox are you around to save me of a timeout in an exercise ?:D

Hi guys, I am finalising my portfolio page and I am facing an issue. When I run it on my local, the responsiveness behaviour looks great, but on codepen, it just doesn't happen (not sure I am on the right channel to ask this).

Background info: I built the page using flexbox. I use a media query for screen under 500px which changes the flex-direction from row to column, collapsing everything in a nice, smart-phone friendly layout .
Expected result: When narrowing the browser window to smartphone size, the menu, my info section, and footer, should be displayed with flex-direction: column and collapse.
Actual result: When opening my page on my local, it works like a charm. However, on codepen, the collapsing doesn't happen.

Please forgive my CSS structure, it's a giant mess :grinning:

Any help would be great!

P. Silva
G'Morning guys and gals. I need a little help with the Twitch project. Namely, with the filtering aspect of it. Everything seems to work well the first time I filter but then it won't do anything anymore. Also, don't mind the 'design' because I'm pretty terrible at it. Here's the link: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/RjgvzR
Screenshot 2017-11-14 11.45.15.png
Screenshot 2017-11-14 11.55.39.png
Expected result on codepend
P. Silva
Oops, my bad. This is the correct link: https://codepen.io/psilva00/full/RjgvzR/
Hello! Did anyone encounter "optimization issues" while working on The Game of Life? Although my setInterval is set at 100ms, Board Component's state updates slower than that and this results in "lagging". This is true for a board of 40x30.
checked my method that returns new board, and execution time never exceeds 60-70ms
Dušan Todorović

For JavaScript, what is there to learn?

Arrays, functions, objects, methods?

If, while, for loops? Switch?

What else should I learn?

@krckyboy design patterns
Object prototypes
The list keeps going
Long Nguyen
@krckyboy read the book You Don't Know JS
Hi, anyone can help me with some jquery? I'm doing a masonry grid with css (using relative and absolute, with column counts) and as i have the problem that the parent div has less height than the child (who has an img), I've tried to fix it with some jquery:
$(window).load(function() {
$('.item').css('height', $('.item img').css('height'))
pero el problema es que todos los items tienen la altura de la primera imagen, y me gustaria que cada item tenga la altura de su correspondiente imagen, como se podria hacer'
*but the problem is that all items have the same height than the first item (or first image), how can i do to apply this for each img, and not apply the height of the first image?
@tiagocorreiaalmeida Heyho, i'm around now :D sry i was giving private tutorate on python
@heroiczero tx
Tiago Correia
got it solved by now :p but I run into alot of this issues in some advanced algorthms where there's a big data to handle in this case was an exercise where the lst 2 cases where arrays with a size of 5k :D
"advanced" :D
@tiagocorreiaalmeida Hmm thats not soo many yet :P
What advanced algos? On codewars?
Hello, I really need your help. I have a problem in loading my web page in my browser. It seems that my images and css won't read
Tiago Correia
@alpox nah was on codefights just to pass the time there's a thing called train for interviews
@tiagocorreiaalmeida ah ok :) are you going to look for a job soon?
Jake Giri
is there anything wrong in this statement $headerComponent.delay(300).removeClass("unscrolled");??
The delay method is not executing and the class unscrolled is getting removed instantly.
The given statement is from below snippet
    var $headerComponent = $(".header-wrapper");
    $(window).on("scroll", function(){
        var displacementFromTop = window.pageYOffset || document.documentElement.scrollTop;
        if (displacementFromTop > 0) {
        } else {
Tiago Correia
I would say january next year, there's a few things I wanna get done before applying to anywhere, and since I had a bit of time started on codefights things just to get an idea of what I might be asked to perform :P
@tiagocorreiaalmeida alright, thats a good thing :D but be prepared for also theoretical examples and maybe have to show examples of some things - particularly what they like to ask are things about how the event loop works, how scoping/context works, what an eventemitter is and how its built etc.
Tiago Correia
Im thinking about learn something as react or other aswell but im afraid I start to leave behind things like im doing at backend and forget some so im not sure for now :D the good part of the backend is that you atually handle both, frontend and backend while building the projects
Stephen James
@NeelDVirus removeClass is not affected by delay - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30585825/using-delay-with-removeclass
@tiagocorreiaalmeida hmm react is almost a must nowadays. At least one bigger frontend framework
P. Silva
Anyone around to help me with some Angular on the Twitch exercise? Can't seem to get the filters working properly. Anyway, here's the link just in case someone can take a look and eventually point me in the right direction: https://codepen.io/psilva00/full/RjgvzR/
I'm pretty sure it's because MainController will only run once but I've tried creating 'helper' functions to no avail.
Kaz Baig
@oblanao I only had issues with bigger grids (something like 100x100)
Sorin Ruse
@psilva00 Your filter works fine from what i can tell. Your problem is more that you do direct DOM manipulations in the javascript which you really shouldn't do when working with templating engines like the one from angular or react.
@psilva00 You should not do that because the template rerenders (redraws) itself on change of any data (Like the filter) and when that happens, your direct DOM changes can be lost. Also, those templating engines don't track what changes you do directly to the DOM.
P. Silva
@alpox, What should my approach be, then?
Ops, sorry. Didn't read your last line.