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im sure you did all that
Chris Rutherford
yeah, it's a quagmire, I'm going to look up another tutorial and start from scratch. they're really no help over there.
Kaz Baig
@alpox do you do sass
@kbaig I did do some
Long not anymore
Marius Nicolae
hi guys, i have a little issue, im trying to link in my JSON some objects
does someone here have some experience?
@bytao7mao can you provide some details or code example?
Marius Nicolae
Before i provide the code i want to give some info
of what i want to do
i want to link my winner or looser ID with ID of Country
Marius Nicolae
the logic is: if points of x.inv is > than x.def (see var x) then link the ID with countries ID (var y)
i get this now but it is not ok :)) because i getting only the index 1 from all
"85 > 37 Winner is: Brazil"
Guys, i'm trying the simon challenge, but i'm having an issue with playing my audio queue
but the problem is, my sound is waiting for the previous sound to finish so that it could play
Aleksander Gębicki
Hello campers,
this weekend (17-19 November) CodeSchool is offering free learning for everybody.
There is a lot of interesting content to study, so tell your mothers and girls that you are absent ;-)

CodeSchool - free weekend

@bytao7mao get it figured out?
@newnewb have any code? so the audio goes into a queue?
Marius Nicolae
@moT01 i'm struggling
can i show the code ?
isnt the code there in the codepen?
yeah is in codepen
so where are you stuck
are you able to get the ids of the winner and loser
Marius Nicolae
yes i'm getting the ids, but now i have to implement the condition that the ID of COuntry to be equal to the ID of the Winner / loser
i made a while statement but it doesnt work
@bytao7mao It's already solved, someone on frontend help saw it through with me!
Marius Nicolae
what O_o
oh sorry i meant tom
countries is an object and the id is used as the key it looks like
so if you found the winner id, and it's 171
you should be able to do something like...
var winningCountry = c[winningID].name
no looping needed
Marius Nicolae
but i have so many countries ID's how should i not make it without loops
Looping means looking through, from what i understand to pick a winner... you just need to pick one out
Marius Nicolae
cause you have the id(key) you can just pick out the one you need
Marius Nicolae
so here "var winningCountry = c[winningID].name" where i should state this and why in winning ID i have to loop through
you don't have to loop
i dont know how you're getting the ids - i didn't look through that so i dont know where you need it
put it where you want
whereever you need to get the name of the country
okay, @bytao7mao explain your train of thoughts? what are you trying to do exactly? and why do you think you have to loop?
Marius Nicolae
i have a big chunk of JSON with Battles and countries objects
inside battles i have defenders(def) and attackers(inv)
with ID's and Points
for each
for countries i have only NAmes and ID's which it corespond to Defenders and Attackers