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OH. good to know. THanks
Ok. Moving on. THe first part of the JS is the geolocation. All that does is check your device's position on earth getting the long and lat to report to the weather site and get the weather report. Correct?
Ken Haduch
@MWBauer - yes, the geolocation code gets your current latitude and longitude. You have to give it a callback function, which you are doing, because it is asynchronous and will complete at a non-specific time relative to the request. Those parameters come back from geolocation and are in the position variable, looks like you are accessing them properly.
Sly Fox
hey does any one here know how to downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7
cos it is refusing to downgrade instead it is trying to upgrade
Hello does anyone know of tutorials that shows how to create an shopping website?
an online store on a page?
Jean Marco Romero
Currently having trouble with JS regular expressions , any tip?
Ken Haduch
@volkranium - what are you trying to do with regular expressions?
Bartek Lewandowski
thanks @Otto-AA
:cookie: 402 | @otto-aa |http://www.freecodecamp.org/otto-aa
jabarlew sends brownie points to @otto-aa :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
Himad Mouhtar
@volkranium which kind of trouble?
Jean Marco Romero
@hmouhtar Syntax is kind of weird but i guess ill get soon
Himad Mouhtar
@volkranium haha yes regular expressions are hard to understand at the beginning but after a few algorithms you will master it
Ken Haduch
@volkranium - have you tried the sites that are recommended in the lessons - regex101.com, for example? They give a nice set of progressive steps to learning and understanding regular expressions. I agree that they are not the most straightforward concepts to understand, but they are useful.
@volkranium For regex, I really suggest reading https://www.regular-expressions.info/tutorial.html page by page; 2 days and you're a regex master :D
https://codepen.io/fendermaniac/pen/ZaPPNy can anyone help me figure out why the JSON response wont print out on the OpenWeather API?
I've made sure that I've casted the lat and long variables into strings
it seems like the lat and long are undefined
I created a variable lat and long and assign them the following values on document.ready()
lat = String(position.coords.latitude);
long = String(position.coords.longitude);    
then I concatenate them with the API
Daulis M Gonzalez
Hello everyone
Ken Haduch
@fendermaniac - looks like you got it working, at least it seems to be printing the information for my location?
@daulis809 - howdy
Hey @khaduch, You're right I was able to get it to work. I was calling the api from regular old http and not https
now i need to figure out how to access the inner JSON objects
Ken Haduch
@fendermaniac :+1:
do you know how one would access inner JSON? I can pass along data.main, but I want to access data.main.temp
Hi could someone explain why no content is showing on the screen? It's suppose to be a table with selectable buttons and pricing with an image https://codepen.io/anon/pen/XzQyoR
hmm ok
I thought I did define the position
let me double check
@GitHub-Henry that was leftover code from my earlier tests, fixed!
Sorin Ruse
@fendermaniac your json call returns the right data for me. it's important that user enable geolocation on his browser otherwise you will not get any result.
@fendermaniac you need something like this:
if (navigator.geolocation) {
    } else {
       //here you need a fallbak like getting the location by IP
If someone knows why the page isn't displaying feel free to msg me :)
Daulis M Gonzalez
@fendermaniac try console.log(data); right after your call and inspect the page so you can see the response on the console and have a better uunderstanding
Daulis M Gonzalez
@AbrisM it worked for me after some changes
@AbrisM you should remove the css styling off the html side, than remove the <style> tag, than remove the </a> closing tag on top of the closing </h1> tag
Sorin Ruse
@AbrisM your html and css parts should be like this example on codepen
Daulis M Gonzalez
@AbrisM you also don't need <!DOCTYPE html> on the html window
hello! how does one center an image within a div container
Ken Haduch
@danielgkang - are you using bootstrap, or just writing your own CSS?
Linus Phan
when using font awesome
is there a way to link it to a url?