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The other two are pretty much different https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound3.mp3 and https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound2.mp3, but 1 and 4 are actually the same note maybe an octave apart or bass frequencies stripped from the latter. Anyway, I'm not here to argue, but it is annoying if you actually used them for testing your game.
If you know any other free sounds I can use, feel free to inform.

Hi. Why does $(this) in the code below refer to the window object and not the jQuery object that was clicked?

let wDuration=$('#workTime').text(),
window.onload = function(){

  $('.increase, .decrease').on('click', (e)=>changeDuration(e,wDuration,bDuration));

}//window onload

function changeDuration(e,work,breakT){
  e.target.id.substring(0,4)==='work'?work++ : work--;
  console.log($(this));//window object




@heroiczero thx
primuscovenant sends brownie points to @heroiczero :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Stephen James
@gothamknight because you are not calling changeDuration on an object, so it binds to the window object.
@gothamknight You could do
changeDuration.bind(this)(e, wDuration, bDuration);
Hmm that may not work either, with an arrow function, you might need to make it a non-arrow function so the correct this is bound in the callback
@gothamknight well your this refers to the enclosing scope when an arrow function is used
the enclosing scope is window.onload's function
so window is this
i guess
Markus Kiili
@ashwins93 It is not even inside onload callback. Just a normal function.
window.onload = function(){ doesn't this have a scope ? :thought_balloon:
Markus Kiili
@ashwins93 Yes, but when changeDuration is called and executed, its variable values are determined lexically (determined from how the function declaration sits in the code in respect to other functions). Where it is called from doesn't matter.
yeah arrow functions are lexically scoped
that's why i'm asking isn't the arrow function placed inside the curly braces of the outer function ?
i mean arrow functions have lexically scoped this captured at the time of declaration
aka not dynamically bound
Markus Kiili
@ashwins93 Yes, but nothing here sets this into anything else than window. Normal functions and anonymous functions all have this pointing to window.
And onload callback is anonymous function.
yeah so the window is this
the onload resides on the window so this inside onload is window isn't it?
Markus Kiili
@ashwins93 If you used this inside onload callback, it would point to window, because the callback is called as a method of window object, yes. But here this is not used inside onload callback function.
okay its used inside changeDuration
which has its own scope
which resides in global scope
Markus Kiili
@ashwins93 It is easiest to think that this points to the global object if it is not set to anything else. Just check the MDN this page for the special cases where it is set to something else.
hmm i've seen those in the YDKJS book
have to review them
https://codepen.io/anon/pen/KyLNjb Hi, does anyone know how to keep the footer at the bottom of the page and also to stop the page from stretching way down? There's few content but the page is over its limits
Morning everyone
@MWBauer hello
How's AbrisM
@sjames1958gm You here?
Stephen James
I am here, but not there, and certainly not everywhere.
We need to work on your #everywhere skills, bro
I'm trying to display the actual weather that's being called from the weather site.
gimme a hand?
Stephen James
Stephen James
Looks great - every site should have json displayed
The display is cruddy. Can we clean it up?
I've seen some of the examples on Codepen and I'm blown away
I don't know how much skill or practice these people have had, but it's incredible what some of them have done.
I'm struggling to just make it readable and look good
Stephen James
As design goes I am not the best.
Isaiah Trembley
that is really cool