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Try the app again. Tell me if cloud works
With that change to the URL it says unexpected identifier
grrrr...off to work. someone fix this for me. lol
see ya'll later
Stephen James
@MWBauer clouds not cloud also check your syntax on
$("body").css("background-image", `url("${URL}")`);
function displayWeather(json) {
  var URL = images[json.weather[0].main.toLowerCase()];
  $("body").css("background-image", `url("${URL}")`);
@MWBauer In each editor in codepen there is a dropdown menu (the upsidedown caret)
There is a tidy js menu option, use that to tidy up your indenting and it will be easier to read and reason about
@Stephen James Hmm I haven't implemented a money-feature in it. It's psuedo all the way :)
Jean Marco Romero
@aguyinmontreal Thanks for the resource
volkranium sends brownie points to @aguyinmontreal :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 232 | @aguyinmontreal |http://www.freecodecamp.org/aguyinmontreal
https://codepen.io/anon/pen/wPbqYG Hello all, could someone explain why the page isn't showing and the zip not working? :D
Dan Lafferty

@AbrisM You're missing a closing bracket in your gettown function

function gettown(Townnames){
     Townnames= parseInt(Townnames);
       if (Townnames<601){
           return "NY"}

            else if (Statenames>601 && Statenames<=795){
            return "PR"

And in that function Statenames is not defined.
In the townresult() function, I'm not sure what you're trying to do in your for loop (check for multiple hyphens?) but you call a variable hyphen that isn't defined - I think you mean hyphencount

@AbrisM You can click on the red !s here to get an information on why it doesn't work. Maybe they will help you :)
@itsLaff Yes, I've adding the missing bracket so now it seems to function for Codepen. In the forloop I'm trying to make sure that the user doesn't use a hyphen in the input section
@Otto-AA Yes, I have used that often with codepen and the analyze :)
Dan Lafferty

@AbrisM A simpler way to check for a hyphen is to use the .includes() method. zipfield.includes('-') if you only want to check for one hyphen. If you want to check for more than one hyphen to make that invalid, you could do something like: zipfield.split('-').length > 1. No need for a loop and a counter variable.

If you want to validate US Postal Zip Codes, this is the regex: ^[0-9]{5}(?:-[0-9]{4})?$

/^[0-9]{5}(?:-[0-9]{4})?$/.test(zipfield) // true if valid


hello guys can i have a feedback on my calculator project? heres the link. https://codepen.io/artoo/pen/gGvvER
Tiago Correia
hey @artoodeeto
didnt used it 2 much but there's 2 things I would change
block this from happening, and maybe let the user some something to the +previous value that was calculated
Can anyone help with why there are two different colors when I hover over my search results?
@KUBIX90 Do you mean the undefine shadow drops?
Mark Kubik
You have two different colors for your styling sheet

f2eded and .button:hover solid grey

wow that got large :D
and you might want to check out the box-shadow
It's still grey but its a different tint of grey
Try making them the same grey/#
Mark Kubik
Yeah think I've got a few too many tints of grey going on, I'll have a play with it, thanks
A-J Roos
@KUBIX90 I replaced your hover selector by splitting it into two selectors as such
    transition:all 500ms ease-out;

.search-result:hover * {
    transition:all 500ms ease-out;
The h2 and p is stacking on the article causing it to become darker. It's has nothing to do with f2eded or any of the other grey
Mark Kubik
@Asjas Ahhhh I see thanks very much!
kubix90 sends brownie points to @asjas :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 309 | @asjas |http://www.freecodecamp.org/asjas
A-J Roos
No problem :)
Mark Kubik
I did similar to what you did above, but the only thing was I had no idea why it worked, and thought it looked a bit hacky
Have I structured the HTML code OK? Seems a bit of an odd behavior to happen @Asjas
A-J Roos
It definitely is hacky. If you hover you can still see the inside box for a very short time. Like a split second almost. I'm not sure how to fix it though.
Diego Mayer
Can I get some help with some simple css problem?
It's about Bootstrap button groups


I want all the buttons to have the same height and one button has a <br / > so the two words show in two lines

A-J Roos
I'm checking the html you are returning. I am applying a background to my project and it's not causing that same problem
A-J Roos
@Chrono79 You can set your css as follows
.btn-group {
  display: flex;
It grows the size of all elements to the size of the largest