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Ken Haduch
@bigyankarki - I just misread the devtools panel... :) good that it worked!
Bigyan Karki
haha. I just cant understand CSS sometimes.
Ken Haduch
@bigyankarki - it's a struggle. The way that I try to figure these out is to put the page up in the browser, hover over the element of interest and right click and "Inspect Element" (or whatever gets you into the devtools.) then look at the CSS styles that are being applied. You can usually just copy the selector and make the changes that you want.
Bigyan Karki
oh wow never knew that
thanks @khaduch :)
bigyankarki sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
api offline
Ken Haduch

@shubham1604 - I got both of them to work, apparently without problem. Using CodePen, you have to use https:// for the URL transport. This worked:

$.ajax( {
      // url: 'https://quotesondesign.com/wp-json/posts?filter[orderby]=rand&filter[posts_per_page]=1',
      url: 'https://quotesondesign.com/wp-json/posts?filter[orderby]=rand&filter[posts_per_page]=1',
      success: function(data) {
        var post = data.shift(); // The data is an array of posts. Grab the first one.

        // If the Source is available, use it. Otherwise hide it.
        if (typeof post.custom_meta !== 'undefined' && typeof post.custom_meta.Source !== 'undefined') {
          $('#quote-source').html('Source:' + post.custom_meta.Source);
        } else {
      cache: false

You have to use your own ID values for HTML elements to post the information. I copied part of the example from https://quotesondesign.com/api-v4-0/

Shubham Sharma
I am using localhost. I changed it to https and it worked. But it gives ne the same quote on every click. I want a different one each time.
Can anyone help me?
Ken Haduch

The HTML for this previous example, with no styling looks like this:

<button id="get-another-quote-button">get quote</button>
<div id="quote-content"></div>
<div id="quote-source"></div>

Do you see the cache: false property set on that $.ajax request? @shubham1604 - try that, turn off caching.

@shubham1604 - see the comment ^^^
@shubham1604 - I think that if you're using $.getJSON, before you make that call, you can try $.ajaxSetup({cache: false}); to disable caching...
khaduch @khaduch - signing off for the night... happy coding!
Shubham Sharma
@khaduch You are a genius
That solved my problem
Francisco Franco
Good night people! :D
I'm back to the coding life
Working early morning from Brazil :green_heart: :yellow_heart:
Francisco Franco
Merry Xmas
hey there is one problem in my webpage
there is horizontal scroll in my webpage
when i open it in my mobile
how could i remove the horizontal scroll from my webpage
i want to make webpage responsive in every device
Adole Samuel
@1rjun use bootstrap framework
@int-elligentSam i used viewport
but nothing works
let me show you the codepen
and try to see it by minimizing the size of the window
and there is the horizontal scroll,but i dont want it ,i want this page to work fine on every device ,and make it responsive
@1rjun you have to make the .quote width responsive; use vw or % instead of px
so if i want to make a responsive webpage then i should avoid px?
@1rjun yes or you could use media queries and change the value at different break points
but this would cause you to write a lot of css which you should avoid
Adole Samuel
@1rjun check out bootstrap media queries
Thanx bro @nusli i had made it :D
and now its looking good in every width or height ,cool
@1rjun btw using % on height doesn't work as you intend it to in this case
for % to apply on height the parent element has to have a specified height value
adding height: 100%; or height: 100vh; to the body will fix it @1rjun
Sorin Ruse
@1rjun think its time to move on and use an api for retrieving your quotes :)
so im at this challenge where i output the right answers but for some reason it says they are wrong :P its weird
can i post the code and the challenge?
Sorin Ruse
@SakisBal go ask. if we can help we help :)
so this is the code

function search(arr,item){
if (arr[i]==item){
return i;
function myReplace(str, before, after) {
newstring=str.split(' ');
newstring=newstring.join(' ');
return newstring;

myReplace("A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog", "jumped", "leaped");

its the search and replace problem
it outputs the right code to the console
but it doesnt accept it as the right answer
@SakisBal I think the problem lies here:
NOTE: Preserve the case of the original word when you are replacing it. For example if you mean to replace the word "Book" with the word "dog", it should be replaced as "Dog"